Friday Favorites: Mighty Kacy

I know, I know; you’ve already seen this.  I had another post all written up, but how could #MightyKacy NOT be my Friday Favorite?!

In case you live under a rock, this is Kacy Catanzaro, the first woman to clear the qualify course of American Ninja Warrior.  She is also the first (and currently, only!) woman to clear the final round and qualify for Mt. Midoriyama!  (Which, apparently is in las Vegas in the American version of the show?)

Michelle Warnky and Meagan Martin also completed the qualifying rounds.  On Monday, Michelle will haver her chance to punch her ticket to Vegan, and Megan will have hers in a couple of weeks.

For now, Kacy stands alone in this amazing achievement, and we absolutely love this 5-foot, 100-pound, former NCAA gymnast of the year out of Towson University.  She’s adorable, and her little, “I did it,” to her boyfriend/coach/4-time Mt. Midoriyama veteran Brent Steffensen melts my heart.  But really, this girl packs SO MUCH POWER in her little body.  As the aforementioned Brent says, she’s “the most talented athlete” he’s ever known.  The announcer says it best, she is “one of the greatest competitors, man or woman, we’ve ever seen in American Ninja Warrior.”

I’m a big fan of Sasuke, the Japanese show that spun this American version off.  And now, I’m a big fan of Mighty Kacy.  I’ve watched this at least five times in the last two days… I can’t wait to see what Kacy Catanzaro does in Vegas and what Michelle and Megan are able to accomplish in their finals!  Now THIS is girl power.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

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