Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 5 Chefs Compete

As the competition resumes, Melanie and Joy joke about being “that girl” that messes up in the last moment.  I fear this is a prophecy.

The chefs come down to find the dining room littered with big, junky objects.  A cleaning crew suddenly springs into action as a street drum corps.  Chef Ramsay brought them in to to show you can take undesirable objects and make something wonderful.  This is a nice lead in to the challenge: leftovers!  In 30 minutes, the remaining five must create an entrée out of leftovers.

The food editor of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine steps out to help judge the challenge.  (How odd, I was literally JUST singing “Somewhere That’s Green!”  Anybody?)

Scott’s duck dish goes over well.  Joy’s corriander crusted chicken does not.  Jason’s is a straight-up mess, as he’s put every sea creature he could cook on the plate.  The comment is that it feels like leftovers.  Oof.  Rochelle’s duck is not presented well, and has too much going on.  Melanie’s filet is the opposite– well presented, and delicious.


The decision comes down to Melanie and Scott.  Scott ultimately is selected as the winner.  His reward includes a magazine feature and a fighter jet ride.  He gets to pick someone to share in the reward, and he picks Jason.  Poor Melanie!  The ladies are left with the task of prepping pumpkins and acorn squash for the night’s service.  My mouth is watering just thinking about those autumnal flavors, but I’m sure that wasn’t Melanie, Rochelle, or Joy’s first reaction.

It doesn’t seem like Jason really enjoyed his part of the reward, since he yelled: “I don’t like this! I hate this!”  Rochelle has a worse time of it, though, accidentally cutting off part of her thumb.  I’d say ouch, but 12 seasons of this show have really desensitized me to that.  She takes it in stride, but Melanie and Joy can’t stand the sight of “finger on the cutting board.”  I can’t blame them, here.  The medic sends Rochelle off to urgent care.

For the night’s dinner service, Chef Ramsay announces a very exciting guest for the chef’s table: creator of Spiderman, The Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Ironman, Stan Lee!  I think this is the best guest they’ve ever had.  Rochelle rushes in just in time for dinner service, with a heavily bandaged thumb.

Dinner service shows Stan Lee why the show is called Hell’s Kitchen, and sets into motion Melanie’s self-fulfilling prophecy.  She struggles quite a bit on appetizers, but makes it through.  Joy seems to want to fulfill this prophecy as well, seizing up on the fish station.  She gets so frustrated that she announces she’s done, and walks out of the kitchen!  Gordon follows her, yelling about her selfish attitude.  I thought he was being quite kind by following her, but she insists she’s done, and he agrees that it shows in her cooking.  Chef Ramsay reenters the kitchen alone.  He sends Melanie to the fish station, and the four move on without Joy.

Chef Andi gives Joy a pep-talk.  Calmed down a bit, Joy knows she blew it.  While the four chefs redeem themselves downstairs with their cooking, Joy contemplates how she can achieve redemption.  She knows it’s too late; she didn’t think of anyone but herself when she entered the kitchen.  As she predicted, she screwed it up for herself.

Melanie redeemed herself, though!  So did the other chefs left in the kitchen.  None of them faced elimination that night because of the way they fought back.  However, Chef Ramsay warns that after the next service, the four standing in front of him will be reduced to two.

Who do you think will be left standing tonight?!


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