Nerdy Nails

I love painting my nails.  It’s horribly girly of me, but I have so much fun mixing and matching colors– I’m a big fan of the accent nail.  I may be a girl who likes to accessorize, but I’m also a complete nerd.  Many of my favorite colors remind me of my nerdier interests.  Here’s some colors help you get your nerdy-girl on!


If you like Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8, try Essie’s Penny Talk, a color that looks like you’ve melted down and bottled Pink Gold Peach.

If you like Sailor Moon, try Essie’s Go Overboard, a color that makes you want to shout, “Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!”

Finally, if you like Game of Thrones, try Sally Hansen’s Nightwatch.  The name alone will have you making puns about taking the black– err, navy!



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