Day: July 12, 2014

Kids React to Game Boy hurts my soul

Let me just start be saying I love Kids React!  The Fine Brothers do such an amazing job with their videos and Kids React is my favorite variety, followed by closely by Elders React.  If you haven’t seen some of these videos, you really must go watch them.  They also do Teens React and Youtubers React, but for me, the opposite extreme age groups make for the best comedy.

I’ve already admitted that the Game Boy is as old as I am.  This gray brick that I look at with so much love absolutely horrifies these kids!

I’m kind of jealous that Benny and Rafi still have a working Game Boy!  Even loaded up with 4 AA batteries, mine won’t turn on anymore.

Even though these kids make me feel so horribly old, at least one kid gets that this was the start of all the cool Nintendo products they have now.

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