Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 6 Chefs Compete

As I rewatched this episode to write my recap, I had to laugh at this line from last week on Hell’s Kitchen: “Chef Ramsay surprised everyone by giving the remaining 6 black jackets.” Really? Not me. And I’m guessing not any of you. On to last week’s episode!

This is the first time we got to see the chefs compete as individuals. No longer is is Red v. Blue; the chefs in black came out in full force.

The final six find themselves at the University of Southern California’s football stadium for a tailgate challenge! Each chef will prepare a dish for 50 hungry fans. Tailgaters vote for their favorite dish, and the most votes wins!

USC fans enjoying their sandwiches.

USC fans enjoying their sandwiches.

Jason’s pork belly sandwich is on the orange plate; Scott’s spicy mahi mahi panini is on the red; Joy’s Philly cheese steak lands on green; Melanie’s grilled mahi mahi is on the yellow plate; Rochelle’s chicken BLT is on purple; Kashia’s grilled chicken is on the blue.

Strangely, there is a tie for first place! Jason and Scott both win a trip to the Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu where a tasting menu with wine pairing awaits. The ladies have to sort all the garbage from the tailgate area and Hell’s Kitchen, recycle, and compost. While the men wine and dine (emphasis on the wine), Melanie has a brief run-in with a zombie lobster and Kashia announces the smell is like “cow maneuver.” Someone please get the girl a dictionary.

Jason is hungover the next day, but the six remaining contestants are ready for face their first dinner service as one kitchen. Kashia stumbles off the bat, preparing one lobster tail for the risotto when two were on order. After that, appetizers go smoothly until Scott overcooks risotto. Chef Ramsay catches him, but he is able to recover well. Another problem arises when Kashia and Melanie cannot work together. It seems to me like Melanie offered to help, Kashia told her to get lost, then blamed it on her for “backing off.” I don’t know. Chef Ramsay yells at them in the walk-in. Since Melanie is on garnish, Kashia relents and lets her help.

After appetizers, Rochelle absolutely butchers chicken by using the wrong knife– as Jason notes, “every knife but the right knife.” It’s literally like shredded chicken. I’m embarrassed for her. Kashia is overly anxious to deliver her salmon and delivers it without letting her team know. What’s worse is that she delivers it completely raw. She drops another “flustrating” venting about the situation. Seriously, give her a dictionary. She and Scott also deliver raw halibut– Scott talks back. Rookie mistake, dude.

Chef Ramsay confesses it’s not what he expected from the final six and charges them to come up with a nomination for elimination. Melanie is right to say there’s some fat they need to trim. It’s obvious that the fish station bombed. Jason and Scott are putting Kashia up for that. Melanie and Joy are both torn between Kashia and Scott, and Rochelle seems to be as well. When it comes down to it, Chef Ramsay asks Jason who the nominee is, and it’s Kashia.

Gordon knows her station was a disaster, but he also wants to hear from Scott. He knows Scott can cook, but can Scott listen? “This is really hard,” he laments as he announces that Kashia will be going home.

I’m sure this was a huge learning experience for Kashia, and Chef notes her progress. However, this was obviously the right decision– she’s just not at the level as the other 5 chefs.

Who do you think will be the next to go?
We’ll find out tonight!

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