Lucy on Monday

We’ve looped back around to Monday and our Block Party finishes up today!  I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone, anywhere who doesn’t like I Love Lucy.  This show is truly something special, and that’s why it’s still syndicated across the world.

The magic, of course, comes from the hilarious Lucille Ball herself.  I love that she can play such an imperfect character.  Though the era sort of gives everything a finishing coat of perfection, Lucy is not your typical housewife.  She’s loud, and disobedient, and really has a penchant for getting herself in trouble.  From these qualities, we get the most memorable scenes from the show– Lucy slurring her words through the vitameatavegamin commercial, or she and Ethel stuffing chocolate in their mouths and clothes as the assembly line speeds on.

I don’t need to tell you that I Love Lucy is funny.  You all know that.  For me, the real magic comes from the combination of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.  Lucy and Ricky together were golden.  My heart swells to see a real live couple together on TV, being in love onscreen and off.  Of course, this may not have been the case offscreen.  It breaks my heart that they divorced, but they did speak of each other fondly and remained friends.  I like to think of them like Sonny and Cher– quintessential couples in my mind that may have not worked out in the end, but they were it; their lives great romances.  Maybe I’m more of a romantic than I give myself credit for… I’ll keep my blissful ignorance, thank you very much!

My point being that I Love Lucy has such a heart, that I believe came from the relationship between Lucy and Desi.

And it was magic.

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