Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 7 Chefs Compete Again

To pick up where the previous episode left off, the winner of the December calendar page and the very first black jacket is Joy!  What did I tell you guys last week?  5 + 5+ 5 + 4 gave her the score of 19 to beat out everyone else by far.  Joy gets her black jacket and is told she cannot be eliminated that night.  She also gets a lunch reward with the three former HK chefs-turned-judges.  The six losing chefs have to serve said lunch.

The teams gear up for their final dinner service as Red and Blue.  Gordon Ramsay announces that there will be a table of 10 for Oxfam and featured guest Minnie Driver (love her!) that the teams are to split– they must synchronize their service.  And they are off!

Gabriel’s stupidity starts Blue off with a snag, bringing scallops up before they were on order.  He recovers, though, cooking them nicely when they actually are on order.  Joy’s beautiful cooking gets Red off to a good start.  Forty-five minutes into service, Chef Ramsay is looking for the Oxfam table appetizers but Gabriel screws up scallops.  Ramsay serves 8 of the 10 guests, leaving two Blue plates scallop-less.  JP apologizes for the delay and everything seems okay.  Scott and Kashia both get into trouble on entrées, but Red powers on.  Melanie brings up pink chicken, which we all know is a biiiiiig problem.  Ooof.  Her second attempt is perfect, and Blue powers on too.

Chef Ramsay gathers the chefs and calls out the orders for Oxfam entrées.  Gabriel puts salmon and halibut in the same pan like an idiot and receives censure from Chef Ramsay.  Scott’s salmon keeps the Red side of the table lagging.  As for the Blue side, Gabriel’s overcooked his salmon.  Once again, Chef Ramsay sends out the table without salmon– one on Blue, and one on Red… for Minnie.  Poor thing!  Scott burns his second attempt keeping Minnie waiting again!  Embarrassing.  Gabriel’s second attempt is a fail too.  Ramsay takes Gabriel and Scott into the walk-in for these salmon problems: You’re out of f*cking control!  JP is mad about Minnie’s salmon too.  Scott is finally able to produce, but Gabriel’s is still lagging.  He finally gets it right.

"I'd rather eat Gordon's food than be in the kitchen with him," Minnie observes.  "I drink heavily when I cook and they can't even do that!"

“I’d rather eat Gordon’s food than be in the kitchen with him,” Minnie observes. “I drink heavily when I cook and they can’t even do that!”

Post-Oxfam table, Gabriel still cannot cook salmon.  Chef Ramsay kicks him out of the competition right then and there.  How long have I been saying Gabriel doesn’t belong here?  Haven’t seen that happen all season!  Gabriel is sent out the front door providing some prime entertainment for the diners.  JP comes out to collect his blue jacket; he will never see a black one.

Both teams finish the final push.  Gordon is not happy with the service at all; there are no winners and both teams need to nominate one person for elimination.  Blue nominates Jason.  Red nominates Scott.  Ramsay also wants to hear from Melanie, who had her worst performance so far.  He gives her a teaser elimination, then gives her a black jacket!  He gives black jackets to Kashia, then Rochelle, then calls Scott & Jason up for elimination.  They plead their cases for black jackets.  Did you not know this was another fake out?  He gives Scott and Jason their black jackets too.

Let’s see how the final six do tonight!!

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