Gilligan on Tuesday

Ah, my favorite night!  Not only did Gilligan’s Island have one of the most memorable theme songs of all time, but the lesser known closing theme was bomb too.

To be honest, I can’t pinpoint what it was about Gilligan’s Island that made me love this show as much as I did.  There were only three seasons, the first of which was in black and white– not even 100 episodes.  I was 9 when I fell in love with this show.  I was young, yes, but show was old.  It started and ended long before I was born.  Yet, there was something about this show that appealed to me.  I could laugh appropriately, the humor not being too advanced for a kid.  Television in the ’60s was tame, eh?  Really, it was the colorful cast of characters– the 7 stranded castaways of the S.S. Minnow that kept me coming back to Gilligan’s Island.

Gilligan’s antics, always ridiculous, kept the castaways island-bound.  The Skipper, well he often got caught up in his “little buddy’s” goof-ups.  The millionaire and his wife were my real favorites– Thurston Howell II and Lovey (who’s name was Eunice, but nobody seems to know that) were a joy for me to watch.   The way they seem to ignore the meager accommodations an uncharted island offers and still live like their on a resort, well, that’s the life, isn’t it?  Mrs. Howell was always my favorite of the girls– Ginger and Mary Ann never really did anything for me.  The professor, though, and his coconut-creations, propelled many-a plot line of rescue attempts, only to be foiled by Gilligan himself.  Rather cyclical, isn’t it?  And that was it.  Every episode the same.  Silly, but oh so fun.  Perhaps this is where I get my love for the episodic format.  We got to know the castaways in those 98 episodes.  We got to love those castaways.

It was something special, and that’s why people still recognize this three season show that premiered 50 years ago.

So join us here each week, my friends, you’re sure to get a smile from 7 stranded castaways here on Gilligan’s Isle

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