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Clone Club Catch-Up: Rachel Snaps

“I think those are his brains,” says Donnie as we open “Things Which Have Yet Been Done” on he and Alison disposing of Leekie’s body.  Alison is living her bizarro play all over again, eh?

We then move to Helena, who we haven’t seen for a while, who’s having her embryos implanted at the Prolethean homestead.  The girl doesn’t know what her cervix is, but she certainly wants babies.

Rachel and Delphine discuss Cosima’s diagnosis.  Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rachel calls her father by his last name?  Rachel asks Delphine to take over as interim director of the program, saying she’s uniquely qualified and that she and Rachel could take it in a whole new directly.  Delphine, “the new Leekie” goes to Sarah and Mrs. S to discuss forging a new relationship.

Cosima, Sarah, and Alison Skype together like the good ol’ days.  Alison dries her tears seeing Cosima’s state.  She keeps Donnie’s secret of having killed Leekie.  The couple works out why Dyad would tell everyone he died on a plane.  Alison rightly guesses that they believe he is dead, or gave him every indication that he should be.  “Maybe they told him to be dead and live in Guadalupe, but he’s in our freezer,” she ventures.  They apparently settle on burying the body below the concrete of their garage.

Don't worry, Donnie; Alison's got this.

Don’t worry, Donnie; Alison’s got this.

The Prolethean homestead gets even weirder, as we see a preschool on sight.  Helene really does like kids, but yo, there are a lot of kids here.  Who do they belong to?

Back at Mrs. S’s, S says she knows a pediatrician that could help out with harvesting Kira’s bone marrow.  Fe isn’t in favor, and Sarah is torn between not wanting to involve her daughter and not wanting “her sister” to die.  S points out, it’s not any of their decisions.  Sarah talks to Kira about bone marrow, needles, and Cosima’s state.  Kira agrees to help Cosima.  At first, I wondered why this pediatrician doesn’t think it’s weird that all of these Dyad folks are present for Kira’s procedure, but then I remembered that everyone S knows is sketchy.

Scott and Ethan Duncan locate the infertility sequence in the clones genetic code, which is long and encrypted.  “I brought the cypher,” Duncan says, pointing to his head.

While Donnie and Alison dig in the garage, Vic pays a visit to their home.  Though they try to shove him away, he hangs around and watches Alison measure the new garage crater made to hold Leekie’s body.  Donnie presses a gun to his head and holds him over the opening.  He spills that there’s a cop outside.  “Angela DeAngelis?” Alison asks.  Vic confirms and adds he doesn’t think it’s official, since Angela thinks there are 5 of them.  Donnie pipes in, 11.  Newly badass Donnie goes out to Angela’s van and threatens her to back off.

Hendrick mentioned earlier that it was time for his daughter to bear fruit.  We now see what he meant, as they implant embryos in Gracie as well.  So, do Proletheans not have sex?  Helena sees Gracie’s sadness and asks why she doesn’t want to be pregnant.  Gracie reveals that her father is the father of the embryos, and that Helena is the mother.  Gracie asks, haven’t you been listening to anything my  father says?  “Not really,” admits Helena.

Marian and Rachel meet.  Is Rachel’s hair darker?  Marian wants to know about Sarah and why she is who she is.  Rachel grabs a martini and watches home videos of her life with the Duncans.  Oooh, she’s not in a good place.  She drains the drink, tears fall, and then she changes the image on the screen to photos of Sarah and Kira.  Jealousy is ugly, Miss Duncan.  Back in her office, Delphine pays a visit and sees Benjamin Kirkland’s name pop up on the screen.

With a better grasp on what’s happening on the homestead, Helena decides to flee to her sistra.  Gracie decides to come too, since she’s having Helena’s babies.  Her father stops them, knocks Helena out and locks up Gracie.  Mark, enamored as he is with Gracie, will not allow her to stay in that cage.  “You had to put your own child inside of her?  You had to be the father too?”  As he yells, Helena gets up and attacks Henrik.  She tells Gracie and Mark to run.  After a completely vile but fitting punishment, Helena burns the Prolethean homestead.

In Kira’s recovery room, S tells Sarah that Delphine is here to see her.  Delphine tells Sarah about Benjamin being compromised by Rachel.  Sarah runs in to get Kira out of there, and Fe springs into action asking her what’s going on.  Just then, his phone goes off… it’s the real Sarah from the car with Delphine.  This has been Rachel, and she takes Fe down.  Real Sarah walks in, accuses Benjamin of taking Kira, but S knows it was a trick and Rachel’s taken her.

Kira wakes up in a flowery bedroom to Rachel.  Rachel has kidnapped Kira, just as the Dyad did to her years ago.

Alpha, Omega, Mega

Well, I’m officially on Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby watch!  Whenever I’m having a bad day, it seems Pokémon comes to my rescue and releases bits of information on the much-anticipated Hoenn remakes.  The other day, pouting through my to-do list, I saw this video tweeted out:

Doesn’t Hoenn look fabulous in 3D?!  On to the point of this video: here in gen 6, Mega Evolutions are a thing, so of course they’ll be around in Alpha Sapphie and Omega Ruby.  This video shows up the Mega versions of the Hoenn starters, Sceptile, Swampert, and Blaziken.  We’ve seen Mega Blaziken before, of course.  I even had him on my team fighting through Kalos.  Pokémon’s twitter also let up know that Sceptile’s Mega Evolution gains a Dragon type, which makes it at least 75% cooler.  Swampert’s Mega Evolution apparently gains the Swift Swim ability, but that bulky dude doesn’t look too swift to me.  

The video also previews the newest pokémon announced, Diancie.  Sure, we’ve heard a lot about Diancie, but it seems like the distribution is coming up soon.  The COOLEST thing the video shows is Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre.  There’s still some questions in my head about these forms, but I’m assuming they’re different than Mega Evolution.

Twitter has been a wealth of information lately, as Mega Sableye was revealed the other day.  Best of all, it has given us A RELEASE DATE!!!  November 21st, I can’t wait to see you!!!

Who’s as excited as I am for Hoenn remakes?!

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 9 Chefs Complete

Well, well– as of last week we are officially down to single digits.

I’m surprised to see Kashia apologizing to Melanie as the episode opens, and I’m still surprised to see Anton getting along with Red, his new team.  I guess that’s what the switch up is all about, though!  People really turn it around in a different colored jacket.  A surprise delivery and a very sad rap kicks off the dinner service challenge: teams are to design their own menus for the night.

I spoke too soon, because immediately Anton butts heads with his team… mostly Melanie.  Kashia suggests a tuna slider, and Scott completely ignores her.  When Melanie suggests the same tuna slider, everyone is in agreement.  Weird… Eventually, Kashia gets props as her team remembers her signature dish from the start of the show, and even Anton’s voice is heard and suggestion accepted.  Joy pushes for fried chicken which makes her team nervous.  Have we seen one successful fried chicken this season?  Blue is more cohesive in their thought process, putting together their menu with ease at first.  Rochelle, however, does say much.  She admits that she’s not confident making suggestions.  Don’t forget, it’s 5 v. 4, Red to Blue right now.  They need all the help they can get.

Can we just talk about how the person who captioned this doesn't know the difference between plural and possessive?  I know "hos" is a slang term, and certainly not something you write everyday, but apostrophes are for possessives only.

Can we just talk about how the person who captioned this doesn’t know the difference between plural and possessive? I know “hos” is a slang term, and certainly not something you write everyday, but apostrophes are for possessives only!

The teams prepare their dishes for Chef Ramsay’s approval.  For Red, Ramsay notes the both appetizers– seared tuna and beef carpaccio– are raw, so they really have to be exceptional.  Anton’s seared scallops needs less garlic and Joy’s fried chicken comes out delicious but isn’t “sexy” on the plate.  All and all, Red does pretty well.  Blue’s risotto is described as phenomenal.  Gabriel’s short rib is delicious, but the crab cake prepared by Rochelle is horribly burnt.  So, highs and lows for Blue.  Rochelle has a bit of a freak out after her mess up.

Dinner Service: Red v. Blue

The diners have the choice of which menu order off of and Blue starts out as the most popular.  They are able to keep up a steady pace, until Richard’s crab cakes slow things down.  For Red, Anton’s scallops are popular, but the way he told Melanie to prepare them is not the way Chef Ramsay formerly tasted.  A bunch have to hit the trash because of this.  Anton blames Melanie for this, but if she’s preparing him the way he told her, is it really her fault?  Melanie’s second attempt are undercooked.  Kay, that one’s her fault.  With all those bad batches, Red finds themselves scallop-less.  Anton goes in search of some, and gets some from the Blue kitchen.  Finally, Melanie is able to produce.  Phew!  Blue finds themselves stuck waiting on garnish from Richard.  After continuous problems, Ramsay pulls Richard off the station and asks Rochelle to take over.  Gabriel is completely inconsistent on meat as well.

Ramsay’s assessment at the end of the night is that Blue came out of the gate strong, but lost it along the way.  Red had a slow start, but finished strong.  He declares Red the winner and that Blue will be losing one member.  While Blue goes to nominate a team member for elimination, Red is tasked with something as well: Ramsay asks Melanie, Joy, and Kashia for a volunteer to switch teams.

Gabriel and Richard are the obvious choices for elimination.  They both, however, think that Rochelle should go up for crying, despite her holding that service down.  Jason knows this, so the other two men do indeed go up.

Richard is eliminated, but I know Gabriel is not long for Hell’s Kitch!

And now, who volunteered as tribute?!  Melanie raises her hand.  Here is her real opportunity to show leadership skills.  Let’s see if she can pull it off tonight!

OITNB Season 2


I was away for the weekend, but I still found the time to binge-watch Orange is the New Black!  I had originally planned to do this post in two parts, sort of my reactions mid-season and my impressions of the season as a whole.  Of course, I had absolutely no restraint and had burned through the season by Sunday night.

If you aren’t as psychotic as I am, I’ve included some mini-recaps, episode by episode with very minimal spoilers!  And if you binged through it all like I did, I’m dyinggg to talk about it!  More specifics are under the cut.  Enjoy!

Episode 1: We’re as confused as Piper is through most of this episode. She and Alex are the only characters we see, so you want to get through it quickly because we miss our favorite inmates so much! The end makes it feel worthwhile, though.

Episode 2: We finally get to catch up with our girls! The childhood flashbacks feel warranted thanks to the same kind of back-story reveals we got last season. We do not see Piper, but the episode does not lack her storyline.

Maybe I’ll pinterest. I hear that’s a thing.” – Morello

Episode 3: With a slew of new inmates we get some new characters: a new, first-time inmate, and an old acquaintance of a couple Litchfield girls who is going to be big trouble. We get a whole new perspective on the Piper/Tucky fight from last season and WOW is it interesting.

Episode 4: Morello’s always been one of my favorites, and I’m so happy to see some focus on her— in this episode’s Morello flashbacks we get to see what kind of crimes she committed; we’d actually never seen her out of prison before! Piper moves in with Red who finds a way to regain power.

Episode 5: This episode has the best title ever, “Low Self Esteem City” which embodies a challenge between Nicky & Boo. Piper asks Healy for furlough to see her dying grandmother who responds, “Furlough is like the Loch Ness Monster— much discussed and rarely seen.” We find out Caputo is in a band called Side Boob.

Episode 6: It’s Valentine’s Day and we get little mockumentary interviews about love throughout that are hilarious. I really enjoy the line dancing as well. Red’s new supply chain is in action, but she’s not the only game in town.

Episode 7: Piper gets involved in journalistic endeavors. This episode is full of business dealings and hilarious quotes, like Poussey’s “…If a cow breaks me out of here, I stop eating meat that day,” and basically everything Sophia said to Red.

Episode 8: Caputo is on a rampage to figure out where the contraband is coming from. Red tries to make an alliance with the Spanish kitchen crew against the new Litchfield bully. I know I said I didn’t miss him, but I was kind of excited to see the return of Pornstache.

Episode 9: Wait, are Piper and Larry really done? Real life Piper married Larry, but I’m not so sure about fictional Piper… In other news, this is the first time I’ve cried all season. Red apologizes to her girls earning their love back, and keeps her alliance with the Golden Girls— looks like she’s about to be a super power again!

Episode 10: My heart breaks for Red in this episode, and even more for Morello. I love these two so much. I’m seriously softening to Pornstache too. It’s nice that Morello’s kind of come clean; I feel better about her sanity now.

Episode 11: Red’s armed with two pieces of knowledge: (1) someone told Vee about her supply chain, and (2) drugs are again flowing into the prison— have we learned nothing from what happened to Tricia? Said betrayer turns on Red and the family. Red’s new friends, the old ladies, reveal themselves to be tougher than expected.

“Wow. That was a short mystery.” – Nicky

Episode 12: A storms brings a blackout and flood to Litchfield adding an additional element of danger to an already deadly environment. Someone gets slocked (that’s being hit by a lock in a sock) and it is absolutely horrifying.

“You want to assassinate someone, vision is a basic requirement. It’s like, step 1: pick a person to kill; step 2: kill them first!”

Episode 13: I’m very, very happy to see someone alive.  I’m happy to see everyone rally to try to bring down the big bag.  I absolutely love the end– Morello, shouting to Miss Rosa, and that one loose end, tied up for good.  Admit it: we all wanted that to happen.


Alright guys, now for the spoilers…


Weekend Recap in Beauty, Shopping, Fitness, and Food

I’ve measured many a weekend in terms of shopping.  I love to go away and come back with more than I left with.  Truthfully, I escaped the city this weekend so I could avoid spending money.  It didn’t work.  I went to the beach house to lay low and get some reading in.  I accomplished both of these things.  I’m currently reading The Weird Sisters and obviously sunburnt my legs doing so on the beach.  Has anyone else read it?  I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far, especially its connection to Shakespeare’s works.

Anyway, back to the weekend.  Whenever I’m away from my natural habitat, dependent as I usually am on public transportation, I try to hit up the stores I can’t get to a normal basis.  When I go home, I hit up Target.  Since I was in Rhode Island, I found a treasure at our local Walmart.

First of all, I had forgotten my iphone charger, and I was able to pick up a lightening to USB cable here, yay!  I also love to browse the make-up section and found Ecotools brushes!  I never find this brand in my local drug stores, so when I saw this 5 brush set for $15, I jumped.  This set includes a flat concealer brush, buffing concealer brush, precision foundation brush, complexion blending brush, and full powder brush.  They’re mini, which makes them very portable.  This should save me from finger painting my face with liquid foundation, yeah?

I've been looking for four out of five of these, so I was psyched to pick up this set!

I’ve been looking for four out of five of these, so I was psyched to pick up this set!

With my make-up collection ever-expanding, my travel make-up bag doesn’t do the trick.  This is the reason I forgot eyeshadow the weekend of Stacie’s wedding… I simply can’t fit it in my current make-up bag!  I have the Vera Bradley medium cosmetic bag, and I needed to upgrade to the large.  Luckily, there’s an adorable store nearby the beach house with tons of Vera Bradley.  I found a large cosmetic bag in the pattern Lola.  I love it!  I can fit a whole shadow palette in here, and my hair donut too!

Lola is the newest pattern in my collection.  I tend to love browns.  My smaller cosmetic case is Mocha Rouge!

Lola is the newest pattern in my collection. I tend to love browns. My smaller cosmetic case and my iPad case are in Mocha Rouge, and my travel duffle is Java Blue.

This should make packing for next weekend easier!  I failed at the whole not-spending-money thing, but I succeeded in another weekend goal: getting my butt back into running!  It had literally been months since I ran, but I brought my sneakers and some running clothes just for the occasion.  It was rough, but I ran .8 miles, and I’m happy about it.  I also did some biking.  I literally hadn’t been on a bike in years.  The last time I remember going on a bike ride was in ninth grade… so at least 10 years ago?  Eeesh.  Adding a 3.7 mile bike ride to the run made me feel a lot better about myself.  Hopefully I can accomplish even more next weekend!

Finally, I did get a couple great meals in!  It was nice to taste my mom’s home cooking on Friday night, and Rhode Island style calamari on Saturday.  Fried calamari with banana peppers and black olives is the perfect summer light dinner.  To go along with it, I jumped at the opportunity to try Narragansett’s Shandy made with Dell’s Lemonade!  Oh my gosh, it was absolutely delicious!

Two of my summer favorites together!  This shandy is lemony and refreshing.

Two of my summer favorites together! This shandy is lemony and refreshing.

Did you get up to anything fun this weekend?

Clone Club Catch-Up: Meet Tony

“Variable and Full of Perturbation” introduces a new clone, and for once, a possible new friend as opposed to foe.  Or I guess, an old friend?  I’m talking about Paul here.  Let’s jump into the recap, clone by clone.

Fe looked so great in this episode.

Fe looked so great in this episode.


In a confusing, flashy opening a dying man reveals himself to be the monitor to Tony, a new clone. He gives Tony a message to take back to Beth Childs. Since Beth is dead, Tony ends up giving said message to Art, Felix, and Sarah whose presence breaks the news about the clones. Tony is very secure in his own identity, saying, “There’s only one Tony” and leaves for now, message delivered. The message is that Paul, like Tony’s dead monitor, is “a ghost” and one of the good guys. Paul is mysteriously absent for this episode, and Rachel has no luck tracking him down.

While I was willing to suspend my disbelief enough to accept Tatiana Maslany’s trans-man costume and make-up, I can’t help but be disappointed here. I feel like we could’ve done better. Then again, we don’t know much about Tony. Maybe he means to look slightly feminine? We really don’t know much about him.



There’s a little reunion of sorts between Sarah, Felix, Mrs. S, and Kira. Ethan Duncan is there too. He is particularly interested in Kira, who is about the age Rachel was when she was taken away from him. He reads to Kira from Doctor Moreau, and then gives her the book.



Donnie is a wreck after killing Leekie. Alison finds him in bed drinking the day she’s returned from rehab having neglected t take the kids to school. He’s ready to run away, but instead the couple talks. Alison confesses her part in Aynsley’s death. Donnie, relieved, confesses that he “wacked” Leekie. He pops the car truck and reveals his body, which Alison comments is poorly wrapped.



Ethan arrives at the Dyad to help Cosima’s research. First, he meets with Rachel. She apologizes for being emotional upon their last meeting and is cool as a cucumber this time around… at first. She asks Ethan why Sarah, of all of the clones, is the one who could have a child. Ethan responds, “Rachel, she’s a failure, not a success. You are all barren by design.”

We flash to seeing Rachel, tears streaming down her face, tearing apart her office enraged.



Treatment continues with Kira’s baby tooth.  Scott is surprised that the donor is a kid, and comments that bone marrow would be more effective.  Cosima is mad at Delphine, but her anger fades after a weird, helium trip where they get high and confess their love to each other. She reveals to Scott that she is the clone subject of their science. He is honored to be working with her. She is honored to have Ethan Duncan in her lab to help. Upon his arrival, Cosima has a severely scary seizure. Panic colors Delphine’s voice as Cosima convulses on the floor.



Not a clone, but close!  Kira climbs out of bed with her mom, and retrieves the copy of Doctor Moreau from her bedside table. Opening the book reveals notes, drawings, and what I’m assuming to be the very genetic secrets that Ethan Duncan is keeping.



We haven’t seen her for two weeks now!  It looks like next week we’ll jump back over to the Prolethean homestead and catch up with our favorite serial killer.



It’s clear that Kira’s bone marrow is going to be essential to Cosima’s health.  I don’t want Cosima to die!

What did you guys all think of Tony?

Recently Binge-worthy

TGIF!  Okay, guys, I’m going to keep this short.  I’ve been scatter-brained all week, super busy at work, and wayyyy tired.  I have some thoughts, but can’t seems to organize them.  Here’s a quick list of what I’ve been watching lately, and some things I have to say about them.

Modern Family: Ever since I got cable, I’ve been incredibly into Modern Family.  The weird thing about my love of this show is how it came about.  My parents watch it all the time and kept talking to me about it!  My brother would join in.  How weird is it that my whole family– mom, dad, brother, and me– all love this show.  This is only the second show I can think of that we all enjoy, the other being Everybody Loves Raymond.  I love that we all genuinely like this show and can laugh about the Prichetts.  This show is heartwarming and funny, and I’ve purchased the first 4 seasons on Amazon Instant and binged like crazy.  I DVR’ed the Wedding and cried.  When’s season 6?!

Gilmore Girls: Remember when I told you I bought the entire series on DVD?  I’ve been steadily making my way through these discs.  The amount of Gilmore Girls I watch is directly proportional to the amount of time I spend in my living room.  Since I’m spending most of my spare time sleeping these days, I’ve only made my way into season 2 for the arrival of Jess.  Thankfully, I have many-a-disc left!  TV on DVD was my first love before streaming television.  Y’all, I’ve been binge-watching before it was a thing.

Skins: I’ve been craving some British accents back in my life as I count down the return to Doctor Who.  I started Netflix-ing Skins and wow have I cried a lot.  For some reason, teenage emotion hits so much harder, because you remember how BIG everything felt then.  Now far removed from my teenage years, I’ve had plenty of real life problems that my matured coping skills have conquered with more grace.  But back to the show!  I’ve never had as much action/drama as any of these kids, but damn is that entertainment!  I recommend this show if you haven’t seen it and you like teen dramas.  I’m just about done with the second season, and I love Cass.  Totally didn’t realize she was Gilly in Game of Thrones!  I’ll be keeping an eye on Gilly from now on.

SPEAKING OF GAME OF THRONES AND ORPHAN BLACK (smooth transition), both shows only have 2 episodes left!  Mad Men is gone already.  What am I going to do without my weekend TV?!  Ooh, we do have Master Chef on Mondays now.

Oh, I know what I’m going to do.

Orange is the New Black: Yes, by now, all of you without 9 to 5’s that I’m slightly jealous of have started your binge-watch of season 2.  Since I’m making a beach escape this weekend and there is no internet there (gasp!) I will have to hold off to next week.  At least it gives me something to look forward to, but no spoilers please!!

Alright, I’ve type-yelled enough for one day.  Have beautiful weekends, friends!

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 10 Chefs Compete Again

basic math skills not needed in hell's kitch...

basic math skills not needed in hell’s kitch…

Last week, when 10 chefs competed again, after coats were switched, we got to see how Red and Blue did with their new teammates.  With Rochelle and Sandra now Blue, and Scott and Antoine now Red, both teams had brand new challenges to overcome.  And also some old ones.

Speaking of challenges, last week’s was way cool!  A little shop was set up for each chef to shop for 5 ingredients in 60 seconds.  The catch: the shop is completely blackout darkness.  The chefs had to rely on their other senses in order to shop for their 5 ingredients.  I hope this doesn’t mean we’re eliminating the blind taste test, but I loved it.  The challenge also highlighted what I would call the theme of the episode: Gabriel can’t count.  He only picked up 4 ingredients and had less to work with than the others.  The chefs then had 30 minutes to cook for Chef Ramsay.

Ramsay scored the challenge “king of the hill” style– contestants bring their dishes up one at a time, the best dish earns them a spot on the chair, and as the tasting goes, if you’re better than the throned contestant, you bump ’em.  The contestant remaining in the chair is the winner.  Gabriel’s 4 ingredient disaster is up first.  He forgot a mousse-stuffed chicken leg on his cutting board, furthering his forgetful streak, and Ramsay doesn’t even ask him to take the chair knowing any dish would be better.  Ownership volleys between Red and Blue, until Rochelle’s New York strip she takes the chair for Blue.  No one is able to dethrone her and the Blue team wins a spa day.  Red deals with delivery day as punishment.

Dinner service runs a little differently that night.  The teams each put out a five course dinner for 24 in honor of UNICEF with actress Angie Harmon acting as host.  One member of each team is responsible for each of the five courses.  Anton and Rochelle handle the risotto course and both get it out just fine.  Melanie is able to get the tuna course out on schedule for Red, but Gabriel cannot count and only brought up 10 tuna instead of 12.  Rochelle catches this and they get the course out while Kashia starts the next course, tortellini, for Red.  Both she and Richard struggle a bit on this course.  Kashia blames Melanie for it being undercooked for some reason.  Richard’s are overcooked causing Blue to serve reduced portions.  This is worsened when Gabriel miscounts AGAIN and puts up 13 plates to serve 12 diners.  Scott handles the lamb course for Red and things go fine, save for Ramsay helping him sauce.  Sandra for Blue undercooks her lamb, then puts it back in the oven despite Chef Ramsay’s protest.  The result is then overcooked lamb, and more reduced portions for Blue.  Joy and Jason both handle the dessert course with no trouble.

Though to me, Red did way better on this service, Ramsay thinks neither team did well enough and both put up folks for elimination.  Red chooses Kashia and Scott.  Blue chooses Sandra and Gabriel.  Chef Ramsay eliminates Sandra.

Sandra’s mistakes in this dinner service were not forgivable, so I support this pick.  I still think she’s a stronger chef than Gabriel, or even Kashia!  We’re now in an interesting ratio situation: a bigger Red team, but more men than women in the competition.  I would personally rather have it the other way around.  I’m sure Gabriel is not long for this competition.  Who do you think is next to go?

WCW: Bitty Schram & the Rockford Peaches

MV5BMjA2MDI1NzEwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzM2NTgwMw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_ I did something weird last night… I watched a movie.  If you know me, or have been like, a super dedicated reader for some reason, you’ll know I never see movies.  It’s not for lack of desire, I just prefer an episodic format and can’t seem to get around to watching a longer, one-off.  It’s weird, I know.

Last night, I watched A League of Their Own on Netflix.  I absolutely loved it, obviously.  I actually cried through a good chunk of the end… which is another reason I don’t watch movies often.  I think the beginning of summer is the perfect time to watch this, being baseball season and all.  Having never seen this film before, I was clearly missing out on some important cultural references.  I knew about “there’s no crying in baseball!” but I didn’t know it was said to Bitty Schram, or that she was even in this film!

I loved Bitty Schram in Monk, always preferring Sharona to Natalie, and I must say, she was even more adorable in A League of Their Own.  Bitty Schram is my woman crush this Wednesday, but really it’s all of the Rockford Peaches!  If you live under a rock (like me, apparently!) and haven’t seen this movie, go ahead and Netflix it.  I think it’s important.  You’ll also see Gina Davis, Tom Hanks, Rosie O’Donnell, and Madonna.

What other movies from 22 years ago am I missing out on, guys?  Netflix suggestions always appreciated.  I’m honestly not going to watch it otherwise…

Mario Kart GR8

I bought a Wii U because I knew the day would come when there would be a game I couldn’t live without.  That day was last Friday and that game was Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 incited something in me that I didn’t remember.  We’ve all played a lot of racing games.  I am no exception.  I had one for my original gray Game Boy that I played more than freakin’ Tetris… unfortunately I can’t remember its name.  Super Mario Kart was one of the most played games of my childhood, most of my memories involving yelling while racing my brother.  Aws.  Despite my love of Super Mario Kart, I never thought of myself as a fan of racing games.  I didn’t even own MK64… which I know is weird.  But really, because my brother and I were so close in age and our parents always wanted us to play together, we did play a lot of racing games in our formative N64 days.  The first two games we got were Wave Race and Diddy Kong Racing.  I absolutely love both of them.  So why then, did I not realize how much I would love MK8?  Maybe because DoubleDash was ehh, or because I enjoyed MK7 but not enough to create any sort of fanfare.

I knew I wanted MK8.  I was excited about it, but it far exceeded my expectations.  The courses literally made my jaw drop.  I play alone, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the way I talk to my TV while playing.  I’m Peach, as always, and I audibly cheer on my dear Pesca.  This game is so, so fun!  And I’m happy to report I don’t suck!

Wendy was the last character I unlocked; they come at random.

Wendy was the last character I unlocked.

I was able to unlock all 14 unlockable characters on Friday.  All you have to do is win a grand prix in any class or cup to get a new character at random.  Combined with the 16 you start with, the game has 30 characters total. Some of the unlockables include the adorable Rosalina, your Mii, and all 7 Koopalings!  Another new unlockable is quickly becoming a favorite: Pink Gold Peach!  Her voice sounds like Peach underwater; think: the female form of Metal Mario (also an unlocakble!).  I like the rose gold color of this character and that she’s the only other metal character, whereas you’d think Luigi might have beat her to the punch.  I think pink, gold, and peach might be my new color combo of the summer.  Pretty, no?

Other unlockables include vehicle customizations.  You earn coins to unlock these.  I’m not noticing a whole lot of differences in vehicles other than visually; handling seems great in general.  I happen to love to motorcycle (or “standard bike,” I believe it’s called) because it’s easy to maneuver on my favorite courses, such as Toad’s Turnpike.

Another feature I never realized I’d love is the online play.  I tested my skills on a regional scale, which is I guess, the US and Canada.  I did way better than I expected here, able to place in the top few positions for most races.  The only time I tried the worldwide races I was stuck spectating.  It was nice to be able to play against people at will– you don’t need additional controllers or like, friends who want to play.  After a lifetime of forcing my girlfriends to play Nintendo with me, I’ve given up on them.

In short: Mario Kart 8 puts me in a total state of euphoria.  You should buy a Wii U for this game.  It’s excellent, and I love it!