Clone Club Catch-Up: Rachel Snaps

“I think those are his brains,” says Donnie as we open “Things Which Have Yet Been Done” on he and Alison disposing of Leekie’s body.  Alison is living her bizarro play all over again, eh?

We then move to Helena, who we haven’t seen for a while, who’s having her embryos implanted at the Prolethean homestead.  The girl doesn’t know what her cervix is, but she certainly wants babies.

Rachel and Delphine discuss Cosima’s diagnosis.  Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rachel calls her father by his last name?  Rachel asks Delphine to take over as interim director of the program, saying she’s uniquely qualified and that she and Rachel could take it in a whole new directly.  Delphine, “the new Leekie” goes to Sarah and Mrs. S to discuss forging a new relationship.

Cosima, Sarah, and Alison Skype together like the good ol’ days.  Alison dries her tears seeing Cosima’s state.  She keeps Donnie’s secret of having killed Leekie.  The couple works out why Dyad would tell everyone he died on a plane.  Alison rightly guesses that they believe he is dead, or gave him every indication that he should be.  “Maybe they told him to be dead and live in Guadalupe, but he’s in our freezer,” she ventures.  They apparently settle on burying the body below the concrete of their garage.

Don't worry, Donnie; Alison's got this.

Don’t worry, Donnie; Alison’s got this.

The Prolethean homestead gets even weirder, as we see a preschool on sight.  Helene really does like kids, but yo, there are a lot of kids here.  Who do they belong to?

Back at Mrs. S’s, S says she knows a pediatrician that could help out with harvesting Kira’s bone marrow.  Fe isn’t in favor, and Sarah is torn between not wanting to involve her daughter and not wanting “her sister” to die.  S points out, it’s not any of their decisions.  Sarah talks to Kira about bone marrow, needles, and Cosima’s state.  Kira agrees to help Cosima.  At first, I wondered why this pediatrician doesn’t think it’s weird that all of these Dyad folks are present for Kira’s procedure, but then I remembered that everyone S knows is sketchy.

Scott and Ethan Duncan locate the infertility sequence in the clones genetic code, which is long and encrypted.  “I brought the cypher,” Duncan says, pointing to his head.

While Donnie and Alison dig in the garage, Vic pays a visit to their home.  Though they try to shove him away, he hangs around and watches Alison measure the new garage crater made to hold Leekie’s body.  Donnie presses a gun to his head and holds him over the opening.  He spills that there’s a cop outside.  “Angela DeAngelis?” Alison asks.  Vic confirms and adds he doesn’t think it’s official, since Angela thinks there are 5 of them.  Donnie pipes in, 11.  Newly badass Donnie goes out to Angela’s van and threatens her to back off.

Hendrick mentioned earlier that it was time for his daughter to bear fruit.  We now see what he meant, as they implant embryos in Gracie as well.  So, do Proletheans not have sex?  Helena sees Gracie’s sadness and asks why she doesn’t want to be pregnant.  Gracie reveals that her father is the father of the embryos, and that Helena is the mother.  Gracie asks, haven’t you been listening to anything my  father says?  “Not really,” admits Helena.

Marian and Rachel meet.  Is Rachel’s hair darker?  Marian wants to know about Sarah and why she is who she is.  Rachel grabs a martini and watches home videos of her life with the Duncans.  Oooh, she’s not in a good place.  She drains the drink, tears fall, and then she changes the image on the screen to photos of Sarah and Kira.  Jealousy is ugly, Miss Duncan.  Back in her office, Delphine pays a visit and sees Benjamin Kirkland’s name pop up on the screen.

With a better grasp on what’s happening on the homestead, Helena decides to flee to her sistra.  Gracie decides to come too, since she’s having Helena’s babies.  Her father stops them, knocks Helena out and locks up Gracie.  Mark, enamored as he is with Gracie, will not allow her to stay in that cage.  “You had to put your own child inside of her?  You had to be the father too?”  As he yells, Helena gets up and attacks Henrik.  She tells Gracie and Mark to run.  After a completely vile but fitting punishment, Helena burns the Prolethean homestead.

In Kira’s recovery room, S tells Sarah that Delphine is here to see her.  Delphine tells Sarah about Benjamin being compromised by Rachel.  Sarah runs in to get Kira out of there, and Fe springs into action asking her what’s going on.  Just then, his phone goes off… it’s the real Sarah from the car with Delphine.  This has been Rachel, and she takes Fe down.  Real Sarah walks in, accuses Benjamin of taking Kira, but S knows it was a trick and Rachel’s taken her.

Kira wakes up in a flowery bedroom to Rachel.  Rachel has kidnapped Kira, just as the Dyad did to her years ago.


  1. Hooray for Alison and Donnie–and Helena too. Alison is taking care of business like she always does with the chips are down and Donnie calling out Angie and threatening her and Vic was great. Glad Helena offed that dude and burned the place down. Been wanting that, didn’t think it would happen so soon, but super glad it did. Hated that whole storyline.

    1. Donnie was so surprisingly great. Nice to ser he and Alison reconnecting, actually. Helena too, but I’m not positive we’ve seen the last of the Proletheans.

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