Clone Club Catch-Up: Meet Tony

“Variable and Full of Perturbation” introduces a new clone, and for once, a possible new friend as opposed to foe.  Or I guess, an old friend?  I’m talking about Paul here.  Let’s jump into the recap, clone by clone.

Fe looked so great in this episode.

Fe looked so great in this episode.


In a confusing, flashy opening a dying man reveals himself to be the monitor to Tony, a new clone. He gives Tony a message to take back to Beth Childs. Since Beth is dead, Tony ends up giving said message to Art, Felix, and Sarah whose presence breaks the news about the clones. Tony is very secure in his own identity, saying, “There’s only one Tony” and leaves for now, message delivered. The message is that Paul, like Tony’s dead monitor, is “a ghost” and one of the good guys. Paul is mysteriously absent for this episode, and Rachel has no luck tracking him down.

While I was willing to suspend my disbelief enough to accept Tatiana Maslany’s trans-man costume and make-up, I can’t help but be disappointed here. I feel like we could’ve done better. Then again, we don’t know much about Tony. Maybe he means to look slightly feminine? We really don’t know much about him.



There’s a little reunion of sorts between Sarah, Felix, Mrs. S, and Kira. Ethan Duncan is there too. He is particularly interested in Kira, who is about the age Rachel was when she was taken away from him. He reads to Kira from Doctor Moreau, and then gives her the book.



Donnie is a wreck after killing Leekie. Alison finds him in bed drinking the day she’s returned from rehab having neglected t take the kids to school. He’s ready to run away, but instead the couple talks. Alison confesses her part in Aynsley’s death. Donnie, relieved, confesses that he “wacked” Leekie. He pops the car truck and reveals his body, which Alison comments is poorly wrapped.



Ethan arrives at the Dyad to help Cosima’s research. First, he meets with Rachel. She apologizes for being emotional upon their last meeting and is cool as a cucumber this time around… at first. She asks Ethan why Sarah, of all of the clones, is the one who could have a child. Ethan responds, “Rachel, she’s a failure, not a success. You are all barren by design.”

We flash to seeing Rachel, tears streaming down her face, tearing apart her office enraged.



Treatment continues with Kira’s baby tooth.  Scott is surprised that the donor is a kid, and comments that bone marrow would be more effective.  Cosima is mad at Delphine, but her anger fades after a weird, helium trip where they get high and confess their love to each other. She reveals to Scott that she is the clone subject of their science. He is honored to be working with her. She is honored to have Ethan Duncan in her lab to help. Upon his arrival, Cosima has a severely scary seizure. Panic colors Delphine’s voice as Cosima convulses on the floor.



Not a clone, but close!  Kira climbs out of bed with her mom, and retrieves the copy of Doctor Moreau from her bedside table. Opening the book reveals notes, drawings, and what I’m assuming to be the very genetic secrets that Ethan Duncan is keeping.



We haven’t seen her for two weeks now!  It looks like next week we’ll jump back over to the Prolethean homestead and catch up with our favorite serial killer.



It’s clear that Kira’s bone marrow is going to be essential to Cosima’s health.  I don’t want Cosima to die!

What did you guys all think of Tony?

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