Recently Binge-worthy

TGIF!  Okay, guys, I’m going to keep this short.  I’ve been scatter-brained all week, super busy at work, and wayyyy tired.  I have some thoughts, but can’t seems to organize them.  Here’s a quick list of what I’ve been watching lately, and some things I have to say about them.

Modern Family: Ever since I got cable, I’ve been incredibly into Modern Family.  The weird thing about my love of this show is how it came about.  My parents watch it all the time and kept talking to me about it!  My brother would join in.  How weird is it that my whole family– mom, dad, brother, and me– all love this show.  This is only the second show I can think of that we all enjoy, the other being Everybody Loves Raymond.  I love that we all genuinely like this show and can laugh about the Prichetts.  This show is heartwarming and funny, and I’ve purchased the first 4 seasons on Amazon Instant and binged like crazy.  I DVR’ed the Wedding and cried.  When’s season 6?!

Gilmore Girls: Remember when I told you I bought the entire series on DVD?  I’ve been steadily making my way through these discs.  The amount of Gilmore Girls I watch is directly proportional to the amount of time I spend in my living room.  Since I’m spending most of my spare time sleeping these days, I’ve only made my way into season 2 for the arrival of Jess.  Thankfully, I have many-a-disc left!  TV on DVD was my first love before streaming television.  Y’all, I’ve been binge-watching before it was a thing.

Skins: I’ve been craving some British accents back in my life as I count down the return to Doctor Who.  I started Netflix-ing Skins and wow have I cried a lot.  For some reason, teenage emotion hits so much harder, because you remember how BIG everything felt then.  Now far removed from my teenage years, I’ve had plenty of real life problems that my matured coping skills have conquered with more grace.  But back to the show!  I’ve never had as much action/drama as any of these kids, but damn is that entertainment!  I recommend this show if you haven’t seen it and you like teen dramas.  I’m just about done with the second season, and I love Cass.  Totally didn’t realize she was Gilly in Game of Thrones!  I’ll be keeping an eye on Gilly from now on.

SPEAKING OF GAME OF THRONES AND ORPHAN BLACK (smooth transition), both shows only have 2 episodes left!  Mad Men is gone already.  What am I going to do without my weekend TV?!  Ooh, we do have Master Chef on Mondays now.

Oh, I know what I’m going to do.

Orange is the New Black: Yes, by now, all of you without 9 to 5’s that I’m slightly jealous of have started your binge-watch of season 2.  Since I’m making a beach escape this weekend and there is no internet there (gasp!) I will have to hold off to next week.  At least it gives me something to look forward to, but no spoilers please!!

Alright, I’ve type-yelled enough for one day.  Have beautiful weekends, friends!

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