Day: June 5, 2014

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 10 Chefs Compete Again

basic math skills not needed in hell's kitch...

basic math skills not needed in hell’s kitch…

Last week, when 10 chefs competed again, after coats were switched, we got to see how Red and Blue did with their new teammates.  With Rochelle and Sandra now Blue, and Scott and Antoine now Red, both teams had brand new challenges to overcome.  And also some old ones.

Speaking of challenges, last week’s was way cool!  A little shop was set up for each chef to shop for 5 ingredients in 60 seconds.  The catch: the shop is completely blackout darkness.  The chefs had to rely on their other senses in order to shop for their 5 ingredients.  I hope this doesn’t mean we’re eliminating the blind taste test, but I loved it.  The challenge also highlighted what I would call the theme of the episode: Gabriel can’t count.  He only picked up 4 ingredients and had less to work with than the others.  The chefs then had 30 minutes to cook for Chef Ramsay.

Ramsay scored the challenge “king of the hill” style– contestants bring their dishes up one at a time, the best dish earns them a spot on the chair, and as the tasting goes, if you’re better than the throned contestant, you bump ’em.  The contestant remaining in the chair is the winner.  Gabriel’s 4 ingredient disaster is up first.  He forgot a mousse-stuffed chicken leg on his cutting board, furthering his forgetful streak, and Ramsay doesn’t even ask him to take the chair knowing any dish would be better.  Ownership volleys between Red and Blue, until Rochelle’s New York strip she takes the chair for Blue.  No one is able to dethrone her and the Blue team wins a spa day.  Red deals with delivery day as punishment.

Dinner service runs a little differently that night.  The teams each put out a five course dinner for 24 in honor of UNICEF with actress Angie Harmon acting as host.  One member of each team is responsible for each of the five courses.  Anton and Rochelle handle the risotto course and both get it out just fine.  Melanie is able to get the tuna course out on schedule for Red, but Gabriel cannot count and only brought up 10 tuna instead of 12.  Rochelle catches this and they get the course out while Kashia starts the next course, tortellini, for Red.  Both she and Richard struggle a bit on this course.  Kashia blames Melanie for it being undercooked for some reason.  Richard’s are overcooked causing Blue to serve reduced portions.  This is worsened when Gabriel miscounts AGAIN and puts up 13 plates to serve 12 diners.  Scott handles the lamb course for Red and things go fine, save for Ramsay helping him sauce.  Sandra for Blue undercooks her lamb, then puts it back in the oven despite Chef Ramsay’s protest.  The result is then overcooked lamb, and more reduced portions for Blue.  Joy and Jason both handle the dessert course with no trouble.

Though to me, Red did way better on this service, Ramsay thinks neither team did well enough and both put up folks for elimination.  Red chooses Kashia and Scott.  Blue chooses Sandra and Gabriel.  Chef Ramsay eliminates Sandra.

Sandra’s mistakes in this dinner service were not forgivable, so I support this pick.  I still think she’s a stronger chef than Gabriel, or even Kashia!  We’re now in an interesting ratio situation: a bigger Red team, but more men than women in the competition.  I would personally rather have it the other way around.  I’m sure Gabriel is not long for this competition.  Who do you think is next to go?