Clone Club Catch-Up: Finks and rats and snitches and fuzz

“Knowledge of Causes and the Secret Motion of Things” opens with Alison and Vic working on the name cards for family day.  Vic is a wonderful actor, being supportive as he asks Alison to unburden herself about what happened with Aynsley.  “I slept with her husband,” she admits and we breathe a sigh of relief, but it’s fleeting as she follows with, “and then I killed her.”  No, Alison!  Vic’s reaction is hilarious, his face completely falls in shock.  Thankfully, Alison discovers that Vic is in cahoots with Angela after overhearing a phone call, and she calls Felix for back-up.

Cal is still babysitting Kira, but realizes someone is watching him through his webcam.  He calls Sarah to tell her that someone is on to them.  He shows her Kira’s illustration of her “aunties” and Sarah claims she has an over-active imagination.

Duncan is acting all crazy, having had Sarah and Siobhan search the house of a red box of mementos.  Though Sarah doesn’t trust her still, this is the first time they seem to be on the same side.  Siobhan is charged with Duncan while Sarah goes to meet up with Cal. “We really must go,” S urges Duncan who forgets the all so important box of mementos.  When S reminds him of the box which he dumps out to uncover something hidden.  “What have you got there?” S asks.  “Everything, Mrs. Sadler,” he replies,  “Absolutely everything.”

Delphine and Cosima are trying to make science sexy, but Cosima overhears an argument between Scott and Delphine.  It is revealed that Kira’s stem cells from the lost tooth are the treatment Cosima is receiving.  Cosima is furious and kicks Delphine out.

Dr. Leekie calls on someone called Marian after receiving reports from Paul.  He tells her Duncan is alive and that he fears Rachel’s reactions to the news.  I don’t know who Marian is, but she’s absolutely gorgeous.  And probably terrible.

Alison and Felix call Sarah from rehab and ask her to come help with the Vic situation.  “What’s Alison done now?” Sarah asks, and huffy Alison says it’s Sarah’s “finks and rats and snitches and fuzz” that cause her problems, and Sarah needs to come clean up the mess.  So Sarah comes for family day.  Felix brings her to Vic who atones, but is expecting atonement from Sarah as well.  An argument ensues; he wants her back.  Felix drugged his tea, and Vic faceplants into the table, glitter splattering everywhere.

Siobhan goes to speak with Leekie.  Siobhan offers Duncan in exchange for the Dyad giving up on Kira.  She calls Sarah after her fact-checking mission, with the knowledge that Rachel does not know the Dyad is responsible for the explosions.

Meanwhile, Sarah is mistaken for Alison at rehab.  She ends up giving some awkward opening remarks while Alison and Felix hide Vic from Angie and the visiting families.  Sarah gets stuck in the role-play demonstration with Donnie.  It takes Sarah a moment to catch on.  “Oh he’s being Alison?  And I’m being Alison being Donnie?”  It gets a bit messy, ending with Donnie asking “Now who are you being?” and Sarah making an excuse to leave the stage.  Sarah hides out in Alison’s room and Alison and glitter-covered Felix return.  Donnie barges in to see two Alisons, the real one telling him to relax, it’s just Sarah Manning the runaway clone.  Donnie is shocked to learn of the clones.  He thought he was doing a long term study and he and Alison have an emotional exchange.

A sight for Donnie to see.  And Fe covered in glitter.

A sight for Donnie to see. And Fe covered in glitter.

Paul and Rachel go to see Siobhan and Duncan.  Duncan reveals the truth to his daughter in a quiet, tearful conversation.  Rachel cooly confronts Leekie.  For the first time, we see a softer Rachel.  She dials Marian on speaker and let’s her know it’s in motion.  Leekie is as good as gone, but Rachel warns, “Don’t get in your car, don’t go home.  You might survive.”

Devastated Cosima calls Sarah to reveal the stem cell news.  Cal and Sarah argue outside the RV about Kira’s tooth– “is this for the aunts you won’t tell me about?”  Kira inside ties a string to the door and pulls out a loose tooth.  “Will this help?” she asks her mother.  Sarah and Kira leave Cal to help Cosima.

Leekie, wandering the streets for a cab, is confronted by Donnie who needs a word, and pulls a gun so Leekie will get in the car.  Emotionally charged, Donnie yells that Leekie ruined his marriage.  “I quit!” he yells slamming he gun on the steering wheel.  The gun goes off on impact, and the bullet ricochets, killing Leekie.

I think I say wow after every single episode but goodness this show is so good!  Final thoughts:

  • I believe that S is on the right side, and I think this episode is further evidence of that.
  • I think Ethan Duncan is going to be useful and not too crazy from here on out.  He’s also brought out some humanity in Rachel, but we’re not going to see her join the Clone Club anytime soon with Marian pulling her strings.
  • While I feel bad for Donnie, it’s mostly because I like Alison.  He is stupid, and I’m not sure if the marriage would be worth saving after all that’s happened.
  • Helena is back to being the wildcard.  We didn’t see her at all in this episode, nor the Prolethean homestead.  Who knows what creepiness is going on there.

Thoughts?  Feelings?  Predictions?

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