I can’t stop playing 2048.  I know, I know, I’m late to the party.  I’ve seen people playing it on the T (that’s the subway, for all you non-Bostonians) before, and I never understood it.  Once I tried it out, it just clicked.

2048 is a sliding tile game in which you make matches, staring with the number 2.  Matching two 2’s give you a 4, two 4’s an 8, and so on, all the way up to 2048.

I can almost get 2048 on demand at this point...

I can almost get 2048 on demand at this point…

The version I have on my iPhone and iPad is not the original–  I have something called 2048 Plus, but it’s totally doing it for me.  I’ve gotten to 2048 several times at this point, although it did take me about a week to get the strategy down.  It’s so anti-climatic… you get 2048 and you just keep playing?  Again, it’s totally doing it for me.  Despite “beating” this game over and over again, I just keep playing!

I’m now seeing things in 2048-vision.  People on TV and objects in my room seem to be sliding into each other giving me the satisfaction of matches.  I’ve been watching a LOT of X-Files lately, and other characters seems to be growing and morphing into Agent Scully and sliding into her.  I’m seeing numbers in color in my mind– 2 is yellow, 4 golden, 8 orange, 16 red, and so on.

Is anyone as obsessed with this game as I am?

I know I’m going to be taking a long break because, as my friends say, I’m about to spend the evening with a plumber named Mario…

WHO’S PSYCHED FOR MARIO KART 8 TODAY?  I clearly am.  I’m sure the sliding tiles in my mind will soon be replaced with race tracks.

Happy weekend, and happy gaming!


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