Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 10 Chefs Compete


Back in Hell’s Kitchen, Gabriel feels not-so-great about putting Ralph up for elimination in place of himself since Ralph went home even though his team did not nominate himself.  I did what I had to do, he thinks.  Um, how about cook better?


A giant pig statue comes out with divider lines indicating different cuts of pork.  The teams run to label each cut of pork.  I love this challenge.  Didn’t they do a cow/beef one like this a few seasons back?  It seems super relevant.  Blue wins the race and gets the advantage for the challenge: they pick their cut of pork and their opponent for the challenge.

  • Antoine picks shoulder and goes up against Melanie
  • Richard chooses tenderloin and, as an opponent, Rochelle
  • Scott goes for cheek and chooses Kashia (he calls her Keisha, but you know)
  • Gabriel picks spare ribs and goes up against Joy
  • Jason ends up with belly and Sandra for his opponent

Melanie takes the first point for Red, and Rochelle takes the second for the team as well.  Gabriel snags a point to keep Blue in the game and quel surprise, so does Jason to tie things up.  Scott earns the last point and clenches the victory for Blue.  What is this like, the second time they’ve won?  I’m not impressed.

Their reward is super cool: indoor skydiving.  JP’s already testing it out when they arrive– so adorbs!  They also get boss Vitamix blenders when they get back to the dorms.  The women have prep to deal with, as well as cracking & shelling peanuts to make “the most amazing” peanut butter.  Everything seems to be the most amazing to Chef Ramsay, huh?  Chef Andy & Chef James give the girls a little career advice while they crack away.  It’s a nice human moment that we rarely see in the Kitch.  Rochelle talks about how she wants to start a family, and how this may conflict with her goals in the kitchen.  This will come back to bite her later.

Dinner Service:

Things don’t go really well for Red.  They’re too slow, Kashia tries to cook with the gas off… it’s not their best attempt.  The Blue team starts out okay, but Antoine and Scott’s fighting causes Chef Ramsay to give the whole team a “time out” to sort out their issues and work as a team.  Communication continues to be an issue with Red.  Sandra goes rogue and brings food up without coordinating with her team.  Though Blue seems to be in sync, Gabriel’s garnish holds back his team’s entrées.  Neither Sandra nor Antoine can handle salmon.  “Nobody talk to me unless I ask,” huffs Antoine.  That sounds like great kitchen communication, eh?  Chef Ramsay yells at him, then basically cooks his fish.  Then Antoine slips and falls.  Womp.  It’s not smooth, but both teams finish service.

Chef Ramsay says he needs more coordination from both teams and that neither win.  Each team is to nominate two people that, in Chef Ramsay’s words, are making it difficult to coordinate.


Blue nominates Antoine and Scott.  No Gabriel?!

Red nominates Sandra and Rochelle… told ya.

Chef Ramsay has all four contestants take their jackets off andddd switches their teams!  I was wondering why he hadn’t done so yet!  So tonight, 10 chefs will compete again with teams mixed up!

I’m guessing Antoine is not going to mix well with the ladies… any predictions?!

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