Day: May 28, 2014

Recent Purchase: Gilmore Girls

box set!

box set!

Sometimes I stress eat.  Sometimes my lunch break is the only time for sanity during a busy work day.  Luckily, the mall provides a food court for that kind of break… and oh yeah, a better kind of break: stress shopping.  If I’ve seriously had enough, I’ll take a spin through a store.  When I’m pressed for time, trying on clothes is an impossibility. The TV on DVD section of Best Buy is my saviour.

I spotted the complete series of Gilmore Girls for an irresistible price.  Less than $70 got me 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls; how could I resist?  Now I didn’t impulse buy.  I left it after I saw it once, then twice, but after fatefully coming across a Buzzfeed article on Gilmore Girls, I couldn’t pass it up the third time.

So, I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls, which I’ve said before, is a “lifestyle,” not a show.  (These are the words of my dear friend Chelsea, who’s sent me the following two unsolicited texts this week: “fred bass add,” and “dilated.”)  I always love watching early seasons of shows knowing how everything ends up, because it’s so nice to see everything simpler.  I guess it’s the ultimate nostalgia.  After rewatching Cinnamon’s funeral, I was thinking about how underrated Babette and Maury are.  Then I realized something I’ve never realized before: Babette is Sally freakin’ Struthers!  Why did it take me so long to notice this?  I’m just so surprised at myself. But hey, Sally Struthers looks a lot different than I remember her as Gloria from All in the Family.  My only modern reference point for her was South Park’s portrayal in “Starvin’ Marvin in Space” …and that was seriously unkind.

Well, I’m excited to make my way through Gilmore Girls!  I’m sure there are some episodes I’ve never seen, and I’m so excited to get into it again.  What have you been watching lately?