Clone Club Catch-Up: Sister Sister

you are my candy giiiirl

you are my candy giiiirl

Sarah and Helena do some major sisterly bonding in “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings.”  They share a camp out, and a little road trip to [The] Cold River [Institute] in search of Ethan Duncan.  Helena does some weird things like kissy shadow puppets and belting out “Candy Girl,” which playfully irritate Sarah.  Despite the sweet sisterly bond forming, Helena thinks giving Sarah too much information would cause her to proceed without her.  Paul, as Rachel’s new henchman, is on their tails the whole time.

just a couple of drinks

just a couple of drinks

Sarah discovers that “Cold River” was The Cold River Institute and that Ethan has been poking aorund in the archives as Andrew Peckham.  While Sarah goes through the archives herself, Helena treats herself to a little vacation at a nearby bar.  She gets friendly with a guy named Jesse– from arm wrestling, to dancing, to making out on a pool table.  Prolethean Mark and Paul both find themselves in this bar as well and decide: you take your girl, I’ll take mine.  Things get violent when Jesse’s friends try to cut in, and Helena goes WILD.  She gets arrested for the bar brawl.

Sarah, having discovered Maggie Chen pilfered from the archives, walks out just to see Helena getting pushed into a police car.  When Helena’s “sister” picks her up from the police station, it’s Gracie, not Sarah.  Bruised lipped-Gracie promises Helena to take her to her children.  The promise of having children entices Helena to return to the Prolethean homestead.

Cosima and Delphine gain Scott, Cosima’s classmate from the University of Minnesota, as a sequencing tech on their team at the Dyad Institute.  Cosima has previously asked him for help when she was independently investigating.  He figured out that the sequences are for clones, but Cosima doesn’t want him involved further.  Leekie personally approved him, though, so welcome to the team, Scott.

Victor, Sarah’s abusive ex, shows up in rehab and starts to befriend Alison.  He ends up coming to her rescue with Donnie, who she’s lost all respect for as her monitor and the person standing between her and her children.  With his seemingly good will, Alison begins to trust him.  Bad move, as Vic is working with Angie.

Art basically moves in with Fe.  The two of them go through the contents of Maggie Chen/Helena’s storage locker, trying to put pieces of the puzzle together.  With the knowledge of Peckham, Sarah consults Art and Felix’s cache of papers from the locker.  Ethan stole his identity, and they are able to track him down; however, when Sarah knocks on the door, it’s Mrs. S that answers.

“I got caught up in a struggle I didn’t ask for,” insists S.  She’s been helping hiding Peckham and allows Sarah an audience with him.  He’s clearly disappointed that she’s not Rachel.  He doesn’t know how many clones there are.  He reveals the Dyad took Project LEDA over from the military.  “Why?  What did you want?” asks Sarah.  “Babies,” he replies, “little girls.”

“We’re not just a concept,” Sarah starts.  Peckham is really only interested in Rachel.  “We loved her,” he maintains to Sarah’s insinuation that she’s a monster.  He claims it’s the Neulutionists inside Dyad (read: Leekie) who turned Rachel into what she is today.  He breaks down about his daughter.

“Your daughter is lost.  There’s just me.  And Alison, a housewife with two adopted kids.  And Cosima, a brilliant scientist, just like you… We’re real… We’re sick.  Your little girls are dying.”

“Who do you think I’ve been hiding from all these years?” asks Peckham, then revealing that Leekie killed Susan and wouldn’t let them raise Rachel.

S confronts Paul outside.  She’s seriously such a badass.  He knows that Sarah’s inside with Duncan.  She knows he’s caught between Leekie and Duncan’s allegiances.  She says he could really use a new friend…

Guys, S is so much more involved in this than we ever imagined.  And how about Helena going back to the Proletheans?  That has got to be dangerous.  I’m hoping we can see Alison out of rehab next week, but Angie!  Angie is my biggest annoyance.  What does everyone think?!


  1. I was crushed that Helena is going back with Gracie. As to Vic, that was a total shock for me. When I realized he had been ‘recruited,’ I thought sure it would be Dyad or some such. Never suspected Angie. Hate her, lol.

    1. I know, just when I was starting to love Helena! I’m hoping she’ll be back with the Clone Club soon. And Angie is seriously the worst! Like, get your nose out of people’s business, lady! Poor Alison.

  2. Angie doesn’t bother me at all. She just being a cop, trying to solve Beth’s murder the only way she can figure out, which is by tailing Sarah and Allison. I think her relentlessness will eventually throw a wrench in the works for Sarah, probably to ratchet up the tension near the end of season 2.

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