Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 11 Chefs Compete

Last week’s Hell’s Kitchen picks up in the previous week’s cliffhanger challange: Jessica v. Richard’s elimination challenge.

After evaluating both sets of dishes, Chef Ramsay announces the Jessica is to be eliminated.  She overcooked two of her proteins!  I previously thought Jessica was strong, but it just goes to show you that standing on your own, away from the team, is a whole different story.  Jessica’s also gotten super emotional in these last few episodes, and as Chef Ramsay pays her some pretty nice compliments she whines over and over again for him to please let her back in line.  Girl, he already eliminated you; just go!

The remaining 11 chefs head to a surprise location the next day.  They are expecting a challenge, but instead find themselves in Chef Ramsay’s gastropub, the restaurant of the future winner.  They soak up the atmosphere and Chef Ramsay announces that the night’s dinner service will be gastropub inspired.  Yum!

"I'll see you back at HK," says Rams.  See, abbrevs are cool.

“I’ll see you back at HK,” says Rams. See, abbrevs are cool.

So let’s talk about Ralph.  Gabriel, his roommate, snores something awful and keeps him from getting sleep.  I definitely sympathize here, but can’t he like, go in the living room or something?  Ralph is representing my city, Boston, and so far he is really doing us a disservice.  Padma, Hugh, and crew are here RIGHT NOW working with cheftestants for a new season of Top Chef.  Ralph is putting this culinary city to shame!  We’re seen him do absolutely nothing impressive.  We’ve seen him complain a lot.  So he’s sick.  I’ve been sick.  I get it.  He cooks anyway.  He doesn’t do well.  Neither does the rest of the Blue Team.

The Red Team, after a couple bumps (and Melanie taking a tumble), finds a perfect rhythm.  They get their food out to their happy diners and work in perfect harmony.  Blue is a mess, and while Sandra serves up desserts, Chef Ramsay sends the remaining 4 Red Team chefs into the Blue kitchen to help the 6 struggling men.  Remember last time this happened, the Blue Team just yelled a lot?  That’s what happened again.  Chef Ramsay asks,

“Where’s your dignity, Blue Team?”

They never do locate said dignity.  There’s no need to wait until service is over.  Chef Ramsay sends the Blue Team away to nominate 2 team members for elimination.  The Blue Team decides on Gabriel and Scott.  Rams happens to ask Gabriel for nominees, and he says Scott and Ralph, omitting himself and throwing Ralph under the bus.  Rams says why not? and brings all three forward.  He decides to eliminate Ralph after all; he’s not ready to be head chef anywhere.

Sorry, Ralph, but you were just not the representative I want for my city.  I think the Red Team’s got our winner this season.

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