Clone Club Catch-Up: Team Rachel

One of the most interesting things about Orphan Black is how many different groups and allegiances are involved.  The threats have been endless– the Dyad, the Proletheans, Helena, the police, Mrs. S– everyone’s motives have been in question.  With this episode, “Ispa Scientia Potestas Est,” we’re jumbling up the teams a little more.  Though Helena’s still a bit of a wild card, the Proletheans are her enemy.  She’s joined forces with her sistra in the Clone Club.  Though Rachel is the cloneface of the Dyad, it’s clear that she and Leekie do not have aligning agendas.  There’s a whole new threat in the form of Team Rachel.

On the Prolethean Homestead

After Gracie betrayed her parents by trying to kill Helena, mommy dearest is not happy.  This woman turns out to be cruel as they come.  As punishment for losing Helena, Gracie’s mouth is stitched shut, which happens to be one of my absolute least favorite visuals.  Her mother says she is to get Helena back, or she will carry the baby herself.

At Art’s

After taking Helena to Fe’s (brother-sistra) for a change of clothes, Sarah brings her to Art’s.  Art does not trust her at all, but using the tip that food is the way to Helena’s heart, he manages to get bits of information out of her.  Maggie Chen, the Prolethean woman who Beth had shot, had a locker in which she and Helena met to plot the clone-killing.  I’m now on board with Helena as a character, but Art was right not to trust her.  She finagles her handcuffs off, cuffs Art up, and escapes to destroy her new enemy, Rachel.

At the Dyad

Delphine learns that Leekie has more information than he’s sharing with Cosima, but he catches them sneaking around in his lab.  He comes clean that the clones’ genome was lost in the fire that killed the scientists working on the project.  He agrees to help Cosima with treatment going against Rachel’s wishes.

I'm fairly convinced Delphine's on our side at this point.

I’m fairly convinced Delphine’s on our side at this point.

In Rachel’s Murder House

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rachel is still living in the room where she came home to find her boyfriend’s flayed body?  It’s confirmed that Rachel is self-aware and knowingly has a monitor.  She asks Paul to join team Rachel as her new monitor.  The job of Rachel’s monitor also apparently involves a fairly submissive sexual role.  Paul’s a better choice than Daniel, if you ask me.

At Felix’s

Paul, now on team Rachel, interrupts Felix’s date to frame him for the murder of a police officer– he gets Fe’s fingerprints on Daniel’s gun (which, if you recall, has a body count) for use as a bargaining chip for Rachel.

In Maggie Chen’s storage locker

Sarah finds a picture of “the swan man,” as Helena called him: Ethan Duncan, alive.  Here’s her leverage against Rachel.  Art and Sarah notice that Helena has taken a sniper rifle.

On a roof across from Helena’s building

Sarah talks Helena out of killing Rachel with a sniper rifle.

"you say Rachel is problem, I fix problem"

“Rachel is problem; I fix problem”

At a bar

Cosima, clearly on team Sarah, sets up a meeting with Sarah and Leekie.  She reveals the information on Ethan Duncan to exonerate Fe.  Leekie lets it spill that Cosima is sick.


Once again, Tatiana Maslany has blown me away!  I’m ready to catch up with Alison and S next week.  What’d everyone think of this episode?  You know you loved that Rachel/Paul sex scene…



  1. I just came across your blog today. I’ve loved Orphan Black since the day I happened across episode 1 from the moment Sarah took over Beth’s life. I loved this last episode, and to start with your last comment….yeah, I liked it! I was surprised I didn’t want Helena to kill Rachel, because several episodes ago I would have been happy to see her go. I have a question, about the prolethians. Are they monolithic or are there factions? I mean, I’m not sure what they’re doing on the compound. They want to create a baby from a clone? But they want the clones killed? Or was Maggie Chen, like poor little Grace, of different mind than the rest of the Prolethians? Are some clones to be killed and some left alive? I think I’m more confused than the show wants me to be. BTW, favorite clones: Sarah and Cosima.

    1. Great point about the Proletheans! Tomas and Maggie Chen were definitely of a different mindset than Henrick and the farm folk. Gracie is clearly of the latter mindset thinking Helena is an abomination. Henrick, his wife, and the others on the farm have a different vision of Helena. I’m not sure how that fits in with Prolethean idealology, but I’m sure we’ll find out!

      Thanks for the awesome comment! You really got me thinking!

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