Clone Club Catch-Up: S is for Saucy

In “Governed As It Were By Chance,” we pick up at the scene of the car crash– Daniel was making Sarah drive herself back into captivity, but it seems that Cal has crushed his truck into the passenger side.  Daniel is possibly dead, and Cal pulls Sarah out.  She snatches his phone.  They try to cover up the smashes car to buy some time.  Cal sets them up in an RV so they can ditch the truck associated with him and the scene.

Alison wakes up in a stark room, amazingly with her high heels still on her feet.  After falling off the stage in her drunken rendition of “Blood Ties,” she’s broken her arm and apparently checked herself into rehab.  Fe comes to see her and tells her to stay throughout her week of rehab to avoid Donnie, her monitor.  Unfortunately, Donnie does pay her a visit and tells her he’s keeping the kids away unless she completes the program.

Helena wakes up woozy, wondering what the creepy farm folk did to her.  Farmer’s daughter Gracie still thinks she’s an abomination.  “Gracie needs to open her heart,” her father says of her.  Guess she really does, because she tries to smother Helena with a pillow and send her “back to hell.”  We all know Helena wouldn’t go that easily.  She grabs Gracie from behind, “shhhh, you sleep now.”  She encounters the laboratory.  Seeing the equipment triggers her memory about the procedure.  Enraged, she makes her escape, running right by a very confused Art, who’s been camped outside the Prolethean farmland taking photos.

Art's all, "Another one?"

Art’s all, “Another one?”

“Update pls.” comes a text from Rachel to Daniel.  Sarah texts back assuring her, again, to buy time.  She video calls Cosima, who offers her perspective on Project LEDA, referencing the Greek myth Leda and the swan.  In this myth, Zeus comes to Leda in the form of a swan and seduces her.  Their children are half human, half god.  Sarah decides she must leave Kira and Cal for a bit to find Mrs. S.  Cal tells Sarah he needs to know what he’s dealing with.  Sarah gives him the name “Dyad Group.”  Not sure why she says this an not “Institute;” not sure if it’s even significant…

Daniel fights his way out of the wreckage.

Mrs. S meanwhile finds Benjamin and asks for papers to London; she needs to go to see someone.  Benjamin says that if it’s who he thinks it is, she doesn’t need to go anywhere.  “Carlton is here.”  She finds him in a bar, where they reunite (if you know what I mean) in the back hallway.  Super classy, S, you saucy minx.  I am seriously loving her lately!

bow chika bow wow

bow chika bow wow

Unfortunately, Carlton only knew what he needed to know, and S is going to have to follow a trail if she wants to put the pieces together before Sarah does.

Sarah goes to Mrs. S’s house to search for information, where she encounters Fe.  He catches her up, “Alison’s in recovery.  Cosima and Delphine are locked in some kind of transgressive lesbian geek spiral, bound to end in tears.”  Ohh, Fe.  The two work together to uncover an article about scientists killed in a lab accident in a research study headed up by Susan and Ethan Duncan.  Fe connects Rachel Duncan to them, revealing that S has possibly known the whole time.  Daniel’s phone gets another text from Rachel.  Sarah and Fe decide to go to her hotel room (more information as revealed by Daniel’s phone) to do some further investigating.

In the hotel room Sarah discovers that Rachel is living with a boy toy.  She also views a video tape revealing Rachel’s childhood– a playful and loving upbringing with the British scientists Susan and Ethan Duncan.  Her viewing is interrupted when boy toy comes home– Daniel!

After a good game of cat and mouse, Daniel knocks Sarah out and zip ties her up in the shower.  She correctly guesses that he is Rachel’s monitor.  Though he can’t kill her, he’s very willing to hurt her badly.  Her screams echo through the hotel room, but there is another sound.  Daniel goes to investigate and out of the din he stumbles, bloody, and falls.  Helena steps out, covered in Daniel’s blood.  Sarah’s screams resonate louder, “Helena!  Stay away from me!  I shot you; you were dead.”  But Helena pleads for her help, “they took something from me,” she says, and hugs her sister.


Back at the Prolethean homestead, we see that a new life has begun…

* * *

Well, looks like this is Helena’s in to the Clone Club!  I finally like her in this episode; I actually really like her now!

Who I’m really curious about is Rachel.  We haven’t seen her in so long now.  Is she really a self aware clone?  And why, if she grew up loved, is she so clinically frigid?

I say this every week, but Tatiana Maslany absolutely blows me away every single episode!  Can’t wait for next week!


  1. I like Helena now too! I hated her the first season and was thrilled to think she wouldn’t be back. She had lots of fans then though that were appalled. I felt sorry for her this season though and didn’t hate her. Now, with the latest episode, I am actually beginning to like her.

    1. I feel the same way. I just wanted Helena killed last season, but I was never so glad to see her as when Sarah was tied to that shower. I knew she was there to save Sarah. They have that special bond. I think Sarah has been a bit hard on Helena – you know, shooting her sestra and all.

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