Day: May 5, 2014

Clone Club Catch-Up: Who’s Your Daddy?

The latest episode of Orphan Black, “Mingling Its Own Nature With It,” gives us two important answers– (1) we get to find out what the hell Alison’s musical is all about, and (2) we learn who Kira’s father is!!  We also (kind of) meet another clone.  Here’s what happened, clone by clone:



Sarah and Fe are on the road and pull a con job with Kira so she can have something to eat.  Sarah knows she needs a proper bed and knows of a place they can stay.  They break into a house, kind of cabin-like and off the beaten path, to stay for the night.  As Sarah and Kira sleep, Fe hears the someone coming home.  In walks Cal, who we learn is Sarah’s old boyfriend slash mark from a con job.  Perceptive as ever, Kira comes out and asks Cal if he’s her father.

We find out that cute, bearded, and flannel-clad Cal is indeed Kira’s father.  Fe gets upset, knowing Sarah came here purposely so Kira could get to know her father.  He feels that there’s no place for him there, and leaves to support Alison’s opening night.  Sarah and Cal rekindle some romance at a completely inopportune time, and the little family seems to be getting comfortable with each other.  When Kira goes out to feed the chickens, Daniel, who has been snooping around, comes and grabs her.  She yells for her mother, and Sarah trades herself for her daughter.  Daniel forces her to drive.  He’s pleased having Sarah in captivity, but needs Kira too.


Alison's antagonistic vacuuming might be the highlight of this episode.

Alison’s antagonistic vacuuming might be the highlight of this episode.

Angie is on Alison’s case, but thankfully Alison is suspicious.  She thinks she’s a second monitor now that she’s figured out Donnie.  Even when Angie comes out as a cop, Alison is evasive.  Good girl, Alison.

Opening night of “Blood Ties,” an apparent murder musical, is upon us.  You’d think Alison would be able to really connect with this character, but of course, she is drinking heavily.  She stumbles through her lines, and stumbles right off stage, collapsed onto the floor.


Cosima and Delphine are at work at the Dyad Institute.  We learn, as does Cosima, of Jennifer, another clone who had been living in the US.  She was the first to show symptoms of respiratory troubles, even before Katja.  She died three days prior, but left behind hours of video footage from her time undergoing treatment at the Dyad Institute.  Cosima and Delphine autopsy her body to investigate the sickness.


The Proletheans are intent on making Helena part of the family.  There’s some sort of handfasting ceremony, and the creepy indication that they want to see if Helena can get pregnant.  Well, this is certainly a different situation for Helena.  She’s not a threat anymore, for now anyway.


I find myself continuously forgetting that the talented Tatiana Maslany is playing all of these characters!  If next week’s episode is true to the preview, it’s sure to be an amazing one!  And guys, are you following Orphan Black on Twitter?  Whoever runs that account does an amazing job!

What did you think of “Mingling Its Own Nature With It?”  Any theories?  Let me know!