Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 14 Chefs Compete

Last week’s episode started off with the drama off of the previous elimination. The drama continues right into the challenge. Chef Ramsay introduces the challenge by bringing out a master technician: an 8-year-old kid named Michael who can toss pizza dough like nobody’s business.


The contestant pair off for gourmet pizza challenge. Since the teams have odd numbers, Rochelle and Ralph each have to work alone. Sandra and Melanie are paired up, and are not working well together. Joy and Jessica drop their pizza before it can get in the oven. Come on, Red; get it together!

An even better special guest comes out to judge the pizzas with Chef Ramsay: Wolfgang Puck! He’s my favorite guest judge after seeing him many times on Top Chef. I was hoping he’d throw something. Didn’t he throw something on Top Chef? Anyway, the teams must leave one pizza behind and have Chef Puck and Chef Ramsay score the others. Kashia/Bev get left behind for the red team. Here’s how the other teams score:

  • Rochelle: WP 2 + GR 2
    •  Chef Puck dislikes it, and tosses it. (I knew he’d throw something!)
  • Ralph: WP 2 + GR 1
  • Joy/Jessica: WP 2 + GR 2
    • They end up with a “skinny girl” pizza because they had so little dough left. No one is amused.
  • Scott/Gabriel: WP 3 + GR 2
  • Melanie/Sandra: WP 1 + GR 2
    • “You have to cook the bottom too,” says Chef Puck. Ouch!
  • Antoine/Richard: WP 3 + GR 4
    • Ramsay declares theirs the best pizza of the day. With that, the men win.

Chef Ramsay tries Kashia and Bev’s pizza after all is said and done, and declares it Red’s best. This helps stir up the drama on Red even more.

As punishment, Red is left to prep both kitchens for Italian family night. They make pasta and shred cheese while blue enjoys a day in poolside in Hollywood.


Dinner Service:

Blue sets an actual fire in their kitchen during dinner service and everybody is super incompetent about putting it out. Chef Ramsay steps in to smother the flames, because apparently no one on Blue knew how to do that?

Pizzas start out shaky for both kitchens, but the Blue teams throws out so many mess-ups that they run out of pizza dough entirely.  In the middle of service with pizzas on order, they have to go into the dining room and apologize.  Embarrassing!

Gordon Ramsay’s family is in the dining room and the red team serves them without problems.  We’ve heard him yell about this in season’s past, so it must be a good thing that this family night was so uneventful.

Chef Ramsay calls the night a “pizza massacre” and although both struggled, the blue team performed worse on everything.



Scott & Chris are both up for elimination, as nominated by their team.

Chef Ramsay also wants to hear from Ralph, citing his dreadful performance on the lamb.

In the end, Chef Ramsay eliminates Chris.  He really wasn’t memorable, huh?  Certainly he didn’t contribute to success.


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