Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 17 Chefs Compete

Last week’s Hell’s Kitchen started with Chef Ramsay highlighting how much the chefs have wasted in their three terrible dinner services.  Under a silver dome, he reveals a Wellington equivalent in pennies.  Coins scatter everywhere to make a literal point about the cost of food waste.  To show just how much the chefs wasted in the previous dinner service, pennies literally rain from the sky.  200,000 pennies litter the dining room.  Point made?

Gordon Ramsay obscured by 200,000 pennies.

Gordon Ramsay obscured by 200,000 pennies.

Chef Ramsay then demonstrates how to make lobster ravioli.  For the challenge, the Red Team and Blue Team will pair off and compete to make 10 lobster ravioli dishes– perfect dishes, obviously.  Since there are more members of the Blue Team, they have a team of three: Demarco, Gabriel, and Mike… the three weak links.  The men organize faster and get 6 on the board quickly.  Then, they come to a bit of a stand still.  The women take longer to organize.  The team of Jessica and Melanie are the first to put up a plate, but they’ve used to wrong size plate and must re-plate.  Once dishes start coming out of the Red kitchen, they catch up easily!  Blue starts producing again and the teams come to 9 to 9.  Demarco, Gabriel, and Mike, finally put up their first dish… but they pasta is far too thick and not cooked properly.  Jessica and Melanie get their last plate up, and the Red Team wins!

As a reward, the Red Team heads to a Beverly Hills mansion for the day to relax poolside.  As punishment, the Blue Team must pick up all 200,000 pennies.  And prep both kitchens for dinner service.  Ouch!

Dinner service is steak night in Hell’s Kitchen!  Melanie, my early favorite, claims to be the master of the grill.  This immediately makes me nervous, but you hate to see someone over-promise and under-deliver.  However, her claims prove accurate!  She kills those steaks and the women have a super successful dinner service.  For the first time, they are able to complete dinner service!

The men do not have as much success.  Chef Ramsay sends the women into the Blue kitchen to finish their service too.  Instead of taking the help, the men scream at the women to get off their stations!  Rams sets them straight, and the Red brigade finishes service for both kitchens!

Clearly, the Red Team was the night’s winner.

Nominees for elimination from the Blue Team are: Mike & Demarco (yup, again)

Mike is eliminated.  Rams recites a little limerick upon his exit.  Though Mike is definitely dead weight off the backs of the Blue Team, I don’t think Demarco is long for this competition either.

Let’s hope the Red Team can keep up the momentum for tonight’s service!

Hey, did anyone notice Ramsay’s pronunciation of fillet has changed?  He used to say fill-lit, and now it’s fill-ay.  His emphasis is the same, and I suppose, still British, but he’s settled into a more American pronunciation of the word.  Weird!  I may be a little to in-tune to Gordon Ramsay…

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