Wii U Wednesday: Bringing Home Baby

I bought a Wii U.  Here’s what happened next.

I already mentioned: it had been a particularly heinous week.  It was 5 PM on a Friday, and I was so ready to go home.  My reward, my Wii U, was charged, bagged, and in hand… erm, arms.

Let’s back track.   I take the T (Boston’s public transportation system) to work.  I prefer to walk home, weather permitting.  At this particular moment in time, I was even farther away from home, having gone to buy said Wii U.  This box was super unwieldy for me– I had to clasp my hands together to create a cradle in the crook of my arm to hold it– and the farther I walked, the heavier it felt.  Oh, and the weather was threatening to turn.

I didn’t want to bring my big box on a rush hour train, so I decided to try to beat the rain.  It was warm, but dark and overcast.  By the time I reached the bridge maybe a third of the way home, rain began to fall.  It was too hot for the jacket I was wearing and my arms were getting sore.  I gripped tighter and powered onward.

By the time I reached my neighborhood, it was umbrellas-up weather.  Both myself and the box were soaked.  My arms were spaghetti, but hey that cardboard was thicker than I thought!

With my exercise for the week completed, it was on to the next scary task: setting it up!  I’m afraid of breaking electronic things and I cried when trying to set my Xbox 360 up… but I’d come a long way since then!  I’d set up the TV I’d be hooking it up to, so I was confident.  Ish.


Protip: This is the “up” side of the box.  Open this side up.  I didn’t do that.

The good news is, the deluxe set comes with everything you could ever need, including an HDMI cable!  That’s the real hero for me, since Radio Shack ripped me off big time last time I needed one.  The set up is super straight forward.  Fairly detailed instructions are included, so follow them and you’re good to go!

But are you?  You haven’t even played yet and it’s time for a system update.

I needed the system update to link my Nintendo account.  Time Remaining: 3:20.  I thought, no problem, I’ve got a few minutes, and busied myself with a phone call.  Oh no, they didn’t mean 3 minutes.  They meant 3 hours.  With my less-than-awesome signal strength, this took a really, really long time.  It was a blessing in disguise, though, because I used the time to clean my entire apartment.

It was late by the time I actually got to play, but I had the whole weekend ahead of me to do go!  We’ll get into the games next week.


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