April Fools

April is off and running, and it seems like Boston is finally feeling a little bit of spring weather!  I, however, am feeling majorly under the weather.  The past week has been nonstop at work– in early every day, leaving late every evening, and no time for lunch at all.  It’s no wonder, then, that I got so, so sick.  After a doctor visit, I’m feeling a little reassured that I’ll be okay, but I’m still not 100%.  I have an inner ear thing going on that is seriously not pleasant, and it doesn’t go away quickly.  Apologies, all, for not being able to put as much time into the blog as I’d have liked!  I promise content will get back up to speed soon, but just a quick post for now… let’s talk about Google’s awesome April Fools prank!

If you didn’t notice, Google Maps placed hundreds of pokémon throughout the world and challenged users to catch ’em all with the [fake] promise of a job offer at Google with the title of Pokémon Master.  As a pokémon fan, I was pretty obsessed with this and loved the feeling that I was qualified to work for Google for a day.

Google offered a selection of 150 from all generations.  Some appeared more frequently than others.  I caught all 150 different pokémon, thus feeling qualified to be Google’s Pokémon Master.  My strategy was to input major cities and landmarks into maps, and with appropriate zoom, it seemed to pay off.  I really think they should have offered a print out of the business card when you accomplished this task!  There was, however, a 151st included– Mew.  From what I read, Mew travelled from location to location and this sucker alluded me.

completely wore my battery down catching 'em all!

completely wore my battery down catching ’em all!

What did you think of the selection?  Personally, I loved that they picked all evolutions of all starter pokémon, but felt the lack of legendaries.

How did you all do catching pokémon?

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