Day: April 4, 2014

Mindy Moments: French Me, You Idiot

The Mindy Project came back this week!  I couldn’t wait to see Danny and Mindy post-kiss.  I might be a little obsessed with Danny Castellano, and I’m definitely obsessed with Mindy Kaling and thus Mindy Lahiri by extension.

First off, points for an awesome episode title!  Here are my favorites moments from this episode:

“And those eyelashes, I mean they’re just so long!”

“They are?”

“You’re like a pony.” (Mindy & Danny)


“If I go home tonight alone, I will kill a homeless person.”

“WHAT?” (Cliff & Mindy)


And my favorite:

IMG_0439 IMG_0440 IMG_0441

I’ll admit, I was frustrated with this episode, but we did get some cute moments.

What did you guys think of French Me, You Idiot?