Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 18 Chefs Compete

It’s a new day in Hell’s Kitchen and a new horrible way to wake up. Piggies sure are adorable, but man do they squeal! Eighteen pigs running through your living quarters isn’t an ideal alarm, but that’s what got the contestants out of bed this time. Each picks up a pig and heads outside where Chef Ramsay is waiting with a pen full of farm animals.

Chef Ramsay talks about the protein typically being the star of the dish, but this challenge isn’t about that. All the animals breathe a sigh of relief ‘cause it’s all about potatoes. The contestants dig through the pen of farm animals to find hidden potatoes— first team to 100 lbs wins.

Now to me, the men have a distinct advantage in this challenge because they can generally carry more. Sure enough, they reach 100 lbs first. But surprise! There’s a part two. It’s a potato dish cook-off, each teammate preparing a dish to go head-to-head against one from the opposite team.

There’s another twist though— nine members remain on each team, but Chef Ramsay is only going to taste of them. The teams must decide who has the five best dishes.

  • Jessica’s sweet potato succotash ties with Richard’s Irish cocannon, each earning 4/5 points
  • Sandra’s pancetta sofrito and Ralph’s potato salad earn 3 each keeping the teams tied
  • Bev’s potato hash only earns 2, because it doesn’t highlight the potato; Jason’s gratin earns 4 and Blue takes the lead
  • Melanie gnocchi earns 4, and Mike’s potatoes boulangeres only earns 1— the men didn’t taste the dishes, so chefs whose dishes didn’t get chosen are pretty angrey
  • Joy’s perogi earns a perfect 5, and Scott’s soufflé gets a respectable 4 but it’s not good enough!

The women win and enjoy a boat ride as a reward. Meanwhile, as punishment, the men have to wash and clean the pigs, goats, and sheep from the morning’s challenge.

loving the nautical H-Anchor-K flag!

loving the nautical H-Anchor-K flag!

Rochelle is sick for dinner service, and Simone is sick in the head— she’s acted like a complete space case all episode! While Rochelle rejoins her team through illness, Chef Ramsay has to talk Simone into supporting her team. Demarco cuts his finger badly and ends up in urgent care, but comes back during dinner service.

Both teams seem to finally have conquered risotto. Appetizers are hampered by Simone’s post on the fish station. Jessica, who’s partnered up with her for this station, is dragged down with her. Rams throws them out calling them the worst two cooks to ever grace the fish station. Garnish can’t get their acts together either— Rochelle is sickness clearly doesn’t help. Predictably, on the Blue side, Demarco messes up chicken. Timing is off for the whole team, which gets them all kicked out of the kitchen. Back on Red, Sandra at the meat station is able to put out a perfect Wellington, but the fish station still struggles. Ramsay tells JP to shut it down.

Chef Ramsay needs to eliminate dead weight and asks each team to nominate three members.

Red Team nominates: Simone, Rochelle, Sandra (?!)
Blue Team nominates: Mike, Demarco, Chris

Rams asks Demarco, Mike, and Simone to give him their jackets and gives them a few seconds to plead their cases. “My decision is,” he starts but is awkwardly interrupted by Simone, “It’s okay, Chef, I can go.” What a weirdo!

Mike and Demarco get their jackets back… for now. Something tells me they won’t be around for long!

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