Amazing Race recap: Down and Dirty

Picture 1

As usual, the teams departed the pit stop in the order they arrived.  Their first destination was the Dutch Museum, but here’s what’s interesting about the Race– the museum opened at 8:30 AM meaning all of the teams were camped outside when it opened.  The equalizer!

They raced to a train station where the train to Alawwa was to leave in 12 minutes of the first team arriving.  Brenchel cut it close, but again, all teams were on the same train to the…


One team member selects a color card, then runs through blocks and blocks of tuk-tuks to find 4 with the same color card.  They must fill these 4 tuk-tuks up with 3 liters of gas each, then they can retrieve the clue.  I would probably do this Roadblock, because it involves no physical strength whatsoever.  It was crazy though!  It was like people versus tuk-tuk bumper cars.  There were two gas pumps and hundreds of tuk-tuks.  Rachel made a big mistake here– she picked a green card and started filling up green tuk-tuks instead of tuk-tuks with green cards on them.  Considering there were purple cards and no purple tuk-tuks, I don’t know how she made this mistake!  She ends up the last one at the pumps, but without the competition around she is able to finish up quickly.

The clue leads everyone to the Millennium Elephant Foundation for the…

Detour: Trunk or Sheets

I love these adorable elephants!  And so do the contestants.  In Trunk, teams had to load six logs onto a truck– 3 carried by people and 3 by elephant after properly attaching the chain the elephants use to pick things up.  In Sheets, teams had to shovel a wheelbarrow of elephant dung, combine it with scrap paper and water, then press it into paper resulting in 5 sheets laid to dry.

My first reaction was the Sheets was dirtier and more time-consuming, but Trunk only had four chains for elephants to use, so only four teams could take it on.  Jet & Cord, Leo & Jamal, David & Connor, and Jessica & Jon get to them first while the others get to making paper.

It’s encouraging to here from Jennifer and Caroline that the dung doesn’t smell, and they teams works through the pulp making process fast.  The trouble kicks in when it comes to making the sheets– everyone’s paper is full of bubbles!  The Globetrotters figure it out first, that you need to press down before releasing to get rid of the bubbles.  They end up right behind the four Trunk teams in a a race to the wise man.  The other teams take their cue and are off as well!

It’s a close race from the wise man to the pit stop at Mount Lavinia Hotel.  The driving is crazy!  Leo & Jamal’s cab races with Jet & Cords; Dave & Connor’s cab driver is the brother of the Globetrotters cab driver and thus the race is more intense.  However, the Globetrotters’ driver doesn’t quite go the right direction, and I began to worry that my new team would be out too.  Ready for the results?

  1. Leo & Jamal
  2. Jet & Cord
  3. Jessica & Jon
  4. Dave & Connor
  5. Brendon & Rachel
  6. Flight Time & Big Easy
  7. Caroline & Jennifer

This was the second non-elimination round!  Caroline and Jennifer will have to complete a Speed Bump next round, but for now they’re still in the race!  They annoy me a lot, but I have a lot of respect for the only female-female team in the race.

Who do you think will be the next team to go?!

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