Day: March 27, 2014

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 19 Chefs Compete

With the season premiere behind us, we’ve got a chance to get to know our contestants better. We start off with another hallmark of Hell’s Kitchen: the rude awakening. Three motorbikes ride through their sleeping quarters to jerk them from slumber. Outside, Chef Ramsay announces that their challenge today will be about teamwork— the three motorbike drivers demonstrate their teamwork by riding altogether in a spherical cage. The contestants will take a less extreme approach, demonstrated by JP, who rides out on a series of tricycles. Is this man delightful or what?


The challenge is a relay, pairs from the Red Team and the Blue Team ride the tricycles to cooking stations were they must accomplish the following tasks:

  • Peel and devein 12 shrimp
  • Break down 2 chickens
  • Shuck 12 oysters
  • Fillet 4 trout
  • Prepare two egg white omelets

While the scoring is close, the Red Team’s poor communication skills get the best of them from the start. The Blue Team takes the victory and a trip to San Francisco; the ladies take the punishment and a trip to a carrot farm for some manual labor. They’re in the kitchen peeling carrots for the next night’s dinner service when the men return.

During prep, Nicole is once again being completely disrespectful. Because this chick shares my name, I am especially sensitive to the fact that she’s portraying herself to be a horrible human being. She’s disrespectful to her teammates and has absolutely no reverence for her craft. Girl, why are you here? LEAVE. Save my name’s reputation, okay?

Dinner service gets off to another rocky start. Simone and Nicole both fail at risotto, but Jason succeeds! The Blue Team is actually able to get appetizers out. Red is working on entrees, so they must have been able to get some out too. Kashia is able to ace a Wellington, neither team is able to stay in sync and get a whole table’s food out consistently. Red still struggles on apps, and Nicole and Simone get kicked out of the kitchen. After Gabriel delivers shockingly raw chicken twice, the whole Blue Team gets the boot. Ultimately, the service feels like another disaster.

For elimination, the Blue Team puts forth Demarco and Gabriel. The Red Team puts forth Simone and Beth. We’re seeing a lot of the same weak players from last week, huh?

Chef Ramsay says that there is one person who’s shown no passion, no fight-back, and no leadership. I knew it immediately. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is, say it with me: NICOLE. AND GOOD RIDDANCE. Maybe the Red Team can work together a little better now!

Any favorites yet? I’m partial to Melanie at this point. She’s flying under the radar which is good with the group so large and no one standing out yet. For now, I’m just glad the witch is dead.