Day: March 18, 2014

Amazing Race Recap: Smarter, Not Harder

Picture 11

After my team (Joey and Meghan!) was eliminated last week, I was on the fence about continuing to watch Amazing Race.  After week’s episode, I’m so glad I decided to keep watching!  This was a great episode, and I decided on a new team to cheer on: the Globetrotters!  They make everything fun and are so kind to everyone they meet, like the kids in this episode.  Here’s what went on during this leg of the race:


The teams made their way to Prince Philip Park where the Roadblock was to jump on a bamboo trampoline and reach for the clue.  I would not have have volunteered for this one… I’ve got no ups.  Neither apparently does Cord, as it took him 37 jumps to reach his clue.

Two things happened in this episode to chance my mind about Brenchel.  The first of which happened here, when we found out Rachel’s been racing in pantyhose.  This made me giggle and for some reason endeared me to her a bit.

The clue led the teams to three flights to Kuala Lumpur.  The second flight ended up being so delayed that it landed roughly the same time as the third.


could you pour these from an arc of seven glasses?

could you pour these from an arc of seven glasses?

Once in Kuala Lumpur, racers could choose Mix Master or Master Mix.  Both of these detours seemed really cool, but really hard!  In Mix Master, the teams had to match a scratch rhythm like a DJ.  In Master Mix, they had to tour a pyramid of seven cocktails at once without letting the different liquids mix.  I would’ve gone Mix Master, and from the results, I think I would’ve been happy with that choice.

The second Brenchel moment comes here– it came down to Luke & Margie and Brendan & Rachel pouring cocktails.  Luke was so frustrated, and Brendan and Rachel gave him a major pep talk and encouraged him so much!  It made a huge difference to Luke, and a huge difference to me with regard to my opinion of this team.


The teams raced to Batu Caves, and here are the results:  (more…)