Day: March 17, 2014

Girls Recap: I Saw You


“I feel like you’re leaving me in such slow motion that I’m not even going to notice until it’s done.”

Hannah and Adam’s relationship is uncomfortable even for me.  Adam is liaison-ing with Hannah, the leaving her to stay at Ray’s.  This would make any girl feel used.  Hannah does a crazy girlfriend thing and shows up at Rays, telling Adam it’s important for their relationship that they spend the night together.  He refuses; he needs his space.  It’s interesting, though, that Adam needs no distractions, but Desi has plenty of time to make music with Marnie.


Marnie seems to be doing well this episode.  She is working in Soojin’s gallery and  interacting with an artist she respects.   Jessa, bored to tears now that she’s clean, wanders into said gallery and impresses the artist, BD, enough to get hired to “archive” her junk.  (Yes, I can alphabetize.  Why, did someone tell you otherwise?) Back to Marnie– she’s also, as mentioned above, writing music with Desi.  This episode features an open mic night in which Marnie and Desi perform.  Hannah, Elijah, and Shoshanna attend and clearly expect Marnie to fail.  Hannah and Elijah are positive Marnie will absolutely be terrible, but when she starts to sing Shoshanna’s face says it all: Marnie is wonderful!  “Are you okay?” Shosh asks Hannah, citing Adam’s Broadway play and Marnie “is obviously going to be a pop star” and Hannah’s supposed to be the artist of the group.

IMG_0409Did we see this coming?  Hannah actually does self-sabotage her job this time.  After another encounter with the fabulous Patti Lupone, Hannah has decided that her job in advertising compromises her integrity as an artist.  She gets herself fired.  Not only is this the worst idea ever from a career standpoint, but am I the only one who thinks this job has done wonders for Hannah’s wardrobe?  Loved this orange-print oxford.

She drops the bomb of unemployment out to drinks with Adam and his theatre friends.  I’m confused as to why he’s okay with her, especially enough to bring her back to, inexplicably, Ray’s.  Before Hannah and Adam can get it on, Hannah hears moans from Ray’s room.  “Everything’s my business,” she says barging in to see Marnie and Ray together.

One episode left!

Guys, are we gonna see a Hannah/Adam break-up to end the season?  I’m kind of hoping so.  What do you think the finale has in store for us?