Day: March 12, 2014


250px-Yoshinewislandboxart3dsIn just two short days, on March 14, Yoshi’s New Island for Nintendo 3DS comes out!  I’m definitely planning on picking up a copy.  I love Yoshi.  This adorable dragon totally appeals to my girly side that loves cute things.  Before I get a chance to play Yoshi’s New Island, I wanted to talk about my favorite Yoshi game: Yoshi’s Story!

It’s not secret that Nintendo 64 is my favorite of game consoles, and I first played Yoshi’s Story rented from Blockbuster.  Remember when that was a thing?  I (or, I guess, my mom?) actually rented this multiple times until I finally bought a copy.  Back then, I didn’t have much independent purchasing power.  I loved the colored-in drawing style, and the all the colored Yoshis!  The multi-colored Yoshis were a real selling point for me.  Pallet swaps can be so much fun.  My favorite was the light blue!  Most of all, I loved this little Yoshi song.

I listened to this thing over and over again.  This is probably not normal, but I have never claimed to be.

Are you planning on playing Yoshi’s New Island?

I can’t wait for a new adventure with Yoshi!  I’m excited to see all the things Yoshi can turn into, and to see the new island itself!