Amazing Race Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

this river made for one fun episode!

this river made for one fun episode!

So, the teams are finally leaving China!  They’re off the Malaysian Borneo and only two flights will get them there.  Brenchel completely loses their lead in traffic and ends up on flight number 2 with John & Jessica and Joey & Meghan, 3 hours behind the other six teams.

The first stop in Malaysia is Kiansom Waterfall, for the Road Block.  One teammate has to repel ten stories down the waterfall to retrieve the clue.  I would love to do this one!  Would you?

After the waterfall, teams have to built a raft and then are faced with a Detour: River Delivery or Run Through the Jungle.  In River Delivery, teams take produce on their rafts and deliver it to a chief midway down.  In Run Through the Jungle, teams raft all the way down without the stop and have to shoot blow darts at bird targets at the end.  I would’ve gone Run Through the Jungle. What would you have chosen?

“We’re like Huck Finn and Oliver Twist!” the blondes say when the see the raft task.  I hate them so much for saying this.  So, so much.

Dave and Connor, who chose River Delivery, accidently rafted all the way down and had to run back to make the delivery.

Leo and Jamal’s raft fell apart on the rapids, and the Cowboys passed them while they worked to reassemble.

Margie and Luke’s raft falls apart too; they have to use Margie’s shirt to tie it back together.

By the time the second plane lands, Joey and Meghan are still in last and make the fatal mistake of not making their taxi wait while they repel down the waterfall.

Group two has an equal amount of difficulty with the rafting.  I’m not sure how John and Jessica’s shoddy construction stayed together!  Brenchel’s fell apart at least twice.

The checkpoint for the end of this leg was Kota Kinabalu.  Here’s how the teams finished…

  1. Dave and Connor
  2. Jet and Cord
  3. Leo and Jamal
  4. Margie and Luke
  5. Flight Time and Big Easy
  6. Caroline and Jennifer
  7. Jessica and John
  8. Brendon and Rachel
  9. Joey and Meghan

Sadly, Team Youtube was eliminated!  I’m super sad, but Meghan and Joey are such good sports.  Last time they were on the race was so much fun for fans, but we all still love them!  Now that my team is out, should I keep recapping the race?

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