Girls Recap: Flo


The bad news is that this is a Hannah-only episode, and y’all know how I’m feeling about Hannah this season.  The good news is that I found aspects of “Flo” incredibly relatable, which is why I like Girls so much.

Hey, Hannah’s wearing pants!  Have we ever seen Hannah in jeans?  Hannah should wear pants more.  Hannah receives a call from her mother; her grandma Flo is in the hospital and dying.  Hannah goes to see her grandmother one last time.

I fear that Hannah’s social skills are superior to mine in dealing with her hospital bed-bound grandma.  Maybe hospitals just make me feel even more awkward than I usually do.  Anyway, Hannah joins her mother, Lorene, and two aunts, Sissy and Margot in keeping Flo company.  In a moment alone, Lorene asks Hannah to tell her grandmother that she and Adam are engaged because it’ll make her happy.  Hannah refuses.

Back at grandma’s house, Hannah greets her cousin Rebecca, a medical student a year younger than Hannah.  Rebecca is wearing the most homely outfit imaginable.  She could go live with the Duggars in that get up.  She clearly has disdain for her cousin, but asks Hannah to get a drink with her that night… awkwardly.  Hannah tells Adam over the phone about what her mother had asked of her.  The conversation gets uncomfortable for both, and Hannah ends the call.

The three aunts divvy up grandma’s possessions.  Her ring is the hot commodity.  Sissy asks for it, but has no children.  Margot thinks Rebecca should get it, assuming she’ll marry first.  Lorene thinks it belongs to Hannah as the oldest granddaughter.

Rebecca and Hannah sit at a bar.  Rebecca won’t drink because it’s a weekend; she chose a bar because that’s what “people like Hannah” do.  More disdain for Hannah comes out at the bar, and then in the car driving back to the hospital.  Rebecca is trying to answer a text from her mother while driving, and completely crashes into a parked car.


Adam comes to see Hannah in the hospital after she texted him, simply, “car crash.”  He witnesses an explosive argument between the three aunts, that in its wake leaves Hannah and Rebecca to experience a bonding moment.

Adam meets Flo and does indeed tell her that he and Hannah are getting married.  After he departs for the city, Hannah is very grateful for his presence.  Lorene, on the other hand, tells her to keep the job and change the boyfriend.  She says Adam is odd, uncomfortable in his own skin, and bounces from thing to thing.  She doesn’t want Hannah to spend her whole life socializing him.  I actually agree with this, but after Adam was so nice of course Hannah’s going to take offense.

The next morning, Grandma Flo has beat her fever and is doing much better.  Hannah heads back to New York, but as soon as she gets off the train, Rebecca calls.  “Grandma’s dead,” she tells her, “Get back here now.”

Even though we’ve had an episode this season that started with a funeral, this is the most somber episode we’ve experienced.  With family issues at play, everything is a bit more sensitive.  We’re delving into Hannah and Adam’s relationship in a different way now, too.  We’ll see what’s in store for the happy couple soon.


  1. I really liked this episode. But I love just about any portrayal of extended families, because the dynamics change so much when you bring cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents into things.

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