Stacked: Stephanie Cmar’s Donut Pop-up!

IMG_4952I was on a mission last weekend: a mission for donuts.  If you’ve been reading, you know I love Top Chef.  My favorite cheftestant from last season, fellow Bostonian Stephanie Cmar, recently left No. 9 Park.  I found out thanks to twitter that she would be selling donuts at The Butcher Shop in the south end on Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 11 am for three weekends only.  I planned to get up early on Saturday to try one of her donuts!

Saturday came, and I got up and got going.  I left my house slightly after nine to walk to The Butcher Shop.  I go to restaurants in that area all the time, so I neglected to look up the address and ended up completely overshooting it.  When I got there around 9:40, the 250 donuts she made had already sold out!  I did get the chance to meet and chat with Stephanie, who was so, so sweet!  I got a picture with her (in which I look completely hideous) that you may have caught on my instagram.  I was even more determined to get up on Sunday morning for donuts!

Sunday, I got up even earlier, even before I get up for work.  I left the house at ten past 8, and arrived at The Butcher shop around 8:30.  I was fourth in line!  In front of me was a couple who read about the pop-up on Boston Eater, and a woman who, like me, had missed out on donuts the day before.  She was actually in line when they announced they had run out at 9:20!  They ran out of donuts within 20 minutes on Saturday!  Even if I hadn’t overshot it the previous day, I’d have been out of luck.  Within minutes, the line behind us wound down Tremont Street and we were super happy we were there so early.  Stephanie came out, announced that they had made so many more donuts than yesterday, and told us to come on in!

Last weekend, Stephanie’s flavors were chocolate Bavarian creme and blood orange glazed.  I tried both, and they were both so delicious!


Stephanie kindly remembered me from the previous day, and let me snap another picture with her looking a little more put together this time!


So, here’s your mission for this weekend.  Get up super early and get yourself to The Butcher Shop, located at 552 Tremont Street, for Stephanie Cmar’s donuts!  They run $3 a piece and go quickly!  Stephanie’s doing two different flavors each weekend and I am seriously considering going back again and again!

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