Day: February 25, 2014

Amazing Race Recap: Back in the Saddle

Sunday marked the start of a new season of Amazing Race: All Stars!  I actually started watching this show when Youtubers Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena announced that they would be on it a couple seasons back.  After watching their season, I got super into this show thanks to Hulu.  This is the 24th season, so you probably know the drill by now, but just in case: teams of two people with some relationship to each other race around the world completing challenges as they go.  There’s a lot of Amazing Race lingo, but host Phil Keough explains it, along with some cultural facts, as we go.  It’s an exhilarating, athletic, international experience.  When Meghan and Joey announced that they would be on this newest all star season, I knew I’d be watching and recapping for you!

The teams: mother-son team Margie & Luke, Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy, cowboys Jet & Cord, newlyweds Brendon & Rachel, twins Natalie & Nadiya, country singers Caroline & Jennifer, father-son team Dave & Conner, engaged couple Jessica & John, Youtubers Joey & Meghan, cousins and “Afghanimals” Leo & Jamal, and best friends from Kentucky Bopper & Mark.

The show starts out with a sad announcement— Bopper has pancreatitis, and is not recommended to race.  It was super emotional to just see his partner’s face at the announcement.  I cried!  Mallory, also representing Kentucky, steps in as Mark’s partner.

The race starts off at UCLA.  Phil announces they are going to Guangzhou, China.  To be on the first flight, they must find the symbol for Guangzhou on the hats of the UCLA marching band members.

Picture 5

And they’re off!  For those of you who watched Meghan & Joey’s original season: Meghan didn’t fall this time!

The teams on the first flight are Dave & Conner, Leo & Jamal, Nadiya & Natalie, and Jet & Cort.

In Guangzhou China, the teams look for their first clue in the wedding dress district, which I actually think every city should have.

That clue leads the teams to Canton Tower, where the next clue waits in the ferris wheel of rotating bubbles.

Picture 7

The clue was only in even numbered bubbles, which shook things up even more for the teams.  The even-numbered cars let them know to search the stadium below them.  In the stadium below, it’s time for the Road Block!

This Road Block challenges one teammate to get up on the high wire and do 5 flips.  Once the Road Block is completed, it’s on to the Pit Stop at the Opera House– the end of the first leg of the challenge!  The last team there is eliminated.  Below, you can see the results.

Because each team member is only allowed to do half of the Road Blocks, I always play a little game with myself and chose whether I’d be the one to do each one.  I’d totally do this Road Block!  Sure, heights can be scary, but the ones that don’t require strength are the ones I’d have to do.  Your turn: would you perform stunts on the high wire in China?