Camp Takota


Grace Helbig is my spirit animal. If you’re into Youtubers like I am, you’ve definitely heard by now about the feature film written by Mamrie Hart. These two, along with Hannah Hart, star in Camp Takota. The film became available on Friday, February 14th on I went ahead and purchased the film and watched it over the weekend, and I’m here to say it’s definitely worth the watch!

Grace Helbig (formerly DailyGrace and currently itsgrace) plays Elise, whose career goes up in flames suddenly and comes home after being fired to find her fiancé cheating on her… two weeks before their wedding. She drunkenly calls up the owner of Camp Takota, who she had run into earlier that day, and volunteers herself as a counselor for the summer. Mamrie Hart of You Deserve a Drink plays enthusiastic camp director-in-training Maxime, who is completely dedicated to Takota. Hannah Hart, hilarious host of My Drunk Kitchen, plays Allison, the cook of the camp’s mess hall and an aspiring chef.

Some thoughts:

  • I was initially disappointed seeing that Grace’s character had a love story and Mamrie’s character had a love story, but not Hannah’s. I worried that was because of Hannah’s character’s sexual orientation. By the end, we do get a glimmer so I was happy about that. And hey, at least we have a lesbian character! Allison does have a nice story line as well with professional aspirations.
  • Having watched Grace’s vlogs of her time on set, it was great to see things actually come together! It really felt like we, as the Youtube audience, were part of the making of this film. That was nice.
  • Penny Fefferman was a-freaking-dorable! I loved her glasses and propensity toward hand-held gaming. Her storyline with Elise actually reminded me of a little girl for whom I was camp counselor. At the end of the summer, her mother thanked me for making her time there so great. I will just never forget that, or that little girl!
  • We’re not used to seeing Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah as other characters, but their personalities seemed well highlighted by their respective characters. That was nice too.
  • I think I want a Camp Takota shirt…

It’s only $9.99 and it’s super easy to stream— head over to now and check it out for yourself!

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