Clues & Casablanca

Music is a powerful force.  Our opera singing alcanist in “Of All the Gin Joints” proved this.  We open on this fae, Ianka, singing for her captor, then making a break for it.

At the Dal, Kenzi reads aloud from a note from Tamsin.  I’ve really been loving the teen Tamsin story line.  Why can’t all the characters just be in an episode together?  Speaking of which: Dyson is back!  He breaks some bad news to Bo about Lauren– it seems like she’s gone dark.  Bo breaks some bad news to him as well– so has she kinda.  I can’t really keep track of this love triangle any more, ’cause Bo and the wolfman are going at in even though there’s not supposed to be “fraternization” between dark and light.  How old-fashioned!  This is, of course, care of the Una Mens. Trick stops them before they break that rule.

Bo's fashion sense has improved in the past week, thank goodness.

Bo’s fashion sense has improved in the past week, thank goodness.

When Ianka bursts in, priorities shift.  She is weak, and sputters out something in Russian.  Conveniently, that’s what Kenzi speaks fluently!  Conveniently for the rest of us, she speaks perfect English through the rest of the episode.  Ianka reveals that Bo asked her to come find her.

We find Lauren, ever increasingly adorable, dancing around while packing up her apartment.  Since she’s severed her ties with the light, she must give up the apartment they own.  The dark swoops in to seduce her in the form of the Morrigan with way better hair choices than last week.  Call me Evony, she tells her, pizza and beer in hand.

Kenzi is ready to tell Hale how she feels, but there’s a lot of drama with Ianka.  It’s nice to see they have a past, honestly; I thought Ianka was a siren at first!  Her song has the power to kill, but it also enables the listener to re-experience memories.  Past Bo, back on the soul train, had set up this meeting, leaving clues for her future self.  Ianka’s owner comes looking for her, but Bo has him agree to let her sing the aria.  Bo starts seeing the memory, but the aria is interrupted by Marcus, who turns out to be Ianka’s lover.  He wants to use her death note to destroy his rivals so they can be together.

Bo, Kenzi, Ianka, Hale, and Marcus come to blows.  Ianka sacrifices her self by singing the death note to kill Marcus.  She dies too.  Hale rescues Kenzi from the situation.  They finally kiss!!  Hale seems to be hurt from the death note, but makes no mention of it, even though Kenzi was concerned.

Picture 13

Lauren agrees to work for the dark.  She kisses the Morrigan who says, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful… something.”  Later, we see the doctor peel off a layer placed over her lip and put it in a petrie dish… what’s she up to?

Picture 16

Dying Ianka gives Bo a capsule of her song so Bo may experience the memory.  The memory is confusing, seemingly to Bo as well.  She rants to Dyson, mid-fraternization, how smart past Bo was to leave clues like this, and that past Bo must have known what she was doing by joining the dark.  This is the first time she equates the Wanderer with Rayner and her father… could these three be the same person?  The fraternization catches up with them quickly, and the Una Mens are here to punish Dyson.

I think the wolf can hold his own, but I’m worried about Hale!  And Lauren?  What’s up with Doccubus?

I can’t wait to pick up more clues to Bo’s lost moments.  I’m convinced Rayner, the Wanderer, and Bo’s father are the same dude; are you?

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