Girls Recap: Beach House

IMG_0295Wow, wow, wow.  Last night’s episode of Girls, “Beach House,” was so effing good!  First of all it made me long for my own beach house amidst this never-ending winter.  Second of all, it cleared a lot of things up; for example, it is definitely summer in Girls-land.  Most importantly, we finally see the four girls together interacting.

To appropriately set the scene, we see Marnie laying plans for a beach weekend with the girls.  Her mother’s friend has lent her lighthouse home in the North Fork and Marnie is trying hard to set up a healing weekend.  As she puts it, the weekend is to “prove to everyone via instagram that we can still have fun as a group.”  I feel for Marnie here, having hosted my girlfriends at my beach house before and feeling out of control doing so, because the best laid plans… Anyway, when the girls arrive, we do get some really beautiful and fun moments– jumping in the pool, riding bikes, dance numbers, and drunken bonding.  But oh is there trouble.


In town, Hannah runs into Elijah, her gay ex-boyfriend who slept with Marnie which started this rift between them.  Hannah clearly isn’t enthused about the weekend and invites Elijah, his boyfriend Pal (aka Jonathan from Buffy!), and two Broadway friends to Marnie’s to diffuse the situation.

IMG_0299Instead of the bonding weekend Marnie planned, the four gays and the four girls manage to have a lot of fun.  Aside from the Broadway dance number that I enjoyed oh so much, I was happy to hear the details of Marnie and Charlie’s breakup and even happier to hear her harken back to the grilled pizza tidbit– great recall!  We also see Hannah painfully meddle in Elijah and Pal Jonathan’s relationship.

The times roll on until the boys outstay their welcome with Marn.  Dinner for four becomes dinner for eight, so the portions are halved.  After dinner, a drunk Shoshanna follows Marnie’s cue for honesty and calls out the girls for the fundamental issues in their relationships.

IMG_0301Shosh calls Hannah a narcissist in the understatement of the year.  She calls them all “fucking whiney nothings.”  The girls attack each other in a nasty fight.  Upon waking up the next morning, the girls silently begin to clean up.  We end with the girls sitting seaside, silently.  Hannah begins marking the routine they learned the previous night.  One by one, the girls join in leaving us with a spark of hope for the foursome.


Guys, I absolutely loved this episode.  I felt it was really, really relatable which is why I started watching Girls in the first place.  I don’t feel the same enthusiasm for my friends that I did years ago too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love them.  Where’s the line, though, where it’s time to move on?  Am I like Shosh in that my social anxiety is holding me back.  Regardless, this episode was a real work of art!  Well done, Lena!  This is my favorite episode thus far!

What did you all think of “Beach House?!”

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