TV Jobs I’d Love

Thank goodness it’s Thursday– we’re over the hump and weekend is right around the corner!  As we trudge through the work week, I can’t help but be jealous by a few TV characters whose jobs seem like nothing but fun.  Here are my picks for TV jobs I’d love:

Columnist – Carrie Bradshaw, “Sex and the City”

IMG_4852How do you get to the point where your sex life is so interesting that someone pays you to write about it?  I want that life.  A personal column is probably any blogger’s dream-come-true, and I am no exception.  As a degree-holding writer, I would love this life.  And Carrie apparently makes enough money for Manolos, so yeah; I’m down.

Director of Agency Operations – Joan Holloway, “Mad Men”

IMG_4853In a lot of ways, Joan’s role is what I aspire to in my career.  She oversees day-to-day operations of the advertising agency, and is an almost omniscient presence.  Joan is the keeper of information, the go-to problem solver.  She works in an innovative industry, and her input is essential.  As a partner in the firm, Joan has real decision making power.  Plus, she always looks amazing doing it.

Psychic Detective – Shawn Spencer, “Psych”

IMG_4854The only thing I ever wanted to be growing up was a detective.  I particularly like Sean’s brand of [fake] psychic detective, because he does the job without any of the police training and barely any governing authority.  Sean pretty much does whatever he wants, and jumps in when a case presents itself thanks to his in with the Santa Monica Police Department.  Not a bad gig!

Our jobs may not be this glamourous or easy, but at least tomorrow is Friday!

Whose TV profession would you choose?

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