Dance Off To The Death

Last night’s episode of Lost Girl, “Let the Dark Times Roll” picked up right where last week’s left off.  If you, like me, were wondering how Bo would react to finding out she’s dark, you only had to tune in for like a minute.  “Bullshit,” she says.

Kenzi, ever the supportive friend, doesn’t care if they’re light or dark.  She calls the light assholes; and the dark, assholes with better parties.  Bo’s having none of it.  The Morrigan, who’s back and has decided to try out a couple of wigs à la Kenzi, [side note: neither the Velma Kelly nor the Betty Page work for her; she looks weird the entire episode] points her to Vex.  Surely Vex tricked her into being dark.  To find Vex, Bo, Kenzi, and Tamsin attend a dark fae party.  Because Bo is sworn to the dark, the Morrigan, in the spirit of friendship, does something for her: in saunters Lauren in an LBD.  She and Bo forget their troubles c’mon get happy, and are apparently back together.

I desperately wanted this party to go well and prove that, like the Morrigan said, the dark are no different from the light.  Finding the dead bodies of the bride and groom whose party the dark highjacked snuffed that dream out for me real quick, though.  Kenzi also finds her buddy Bruce now enslaved as punishment for helping her escape.  To win his freedom, Tamsin steps up to “master him” for the rest of his sentence not knowing this mean a duel to the death.  As the challenger, she chooses the weapon… and she picks dance?

Picture 10

It works out well with Tamsin being a Valkyrie and all.  Meanwhile, Lauren and Bo go in search of Vex who’s not in attendance at the party.  Bo’s clumsy detective work gets her captured by him.  His hand is completely rotting thanks to a weirdo curse from the Una Mens.  He and Bo reconcile, but after he chops his hand off.  He tells Bo he had nothing to do with her pledging herself to the dark, but the Morrigan’s Archivist would.

Bo goes back to the Morrigan to see the Archivist.  He peels off a layer of his scalp to show where Bo has signed her allegiance to the dark.  She has no recollection of doing so, and her sponsor, someone called Rayner, is the only one who can overturn the decision.  Instead of turning Vex into the Morrigan, Bo claims responsibility over him… guess three’s company all over again!  With Bo officially dark for a while, she goes back to Trick, who the Una Mens has just declared interim Ash.

Having Bo explore the dark side has been fun so far!  There are still a lot of mysteries to unravel.  Who is Rayner?  Is he the Wanderer?  And if Bo is so against dark fae, why didn’t she just effing join the light already?  Let me know what you think!


  1. I loved that the archivist pulled the answer “off the top of his head.” So funny. The reference to twerking also amused me since Miley Cyrus use it to prove she’s a grown up, and here Tamsin is learning to twerk to pave her way to adulthood.

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