Girls Recap: Free Snacks


We open at Grumpy’s, where yet another employee is quitting.  Hannah has gotten herself a corporate gig writing an advertorial for Neiman Marcus at GQ magazine.  Shosh is outside creeping.


Decidedly distraught about her break-up with Ray, Shoshanna comes to the conclusion that she needs to be in a serious, committed relationship.  She tells this to Jessa, who is working at the children’s boutique.  Nice how these girls have so much control over their lives, eh?  Jessa wants to work somewhere, et viola! she has the job!  Shosh wants a boyfriend, and by the end of this episode is having sex with Parker explaining the parameters of the newly established relationship: four hangouts per week.

Hannah’s job at GQ is going surprisingly well.  Her ideas are well received by her boss and colleagues, except for one guy, Kevin, who “hates her face.”  She even makes maybe the first good outfit decision this show has ever displayed!  Loving the patterned button-down and colored skirt, Hannah.

Marnie and Ray embark on a confusing, awkward relationship.  It starts with Ray calling Marnie.  Next thing we know, Ray is at Marnie’s watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and having supremely quiet sex.  Finally, there’s a lunch date with a lot of yelling about Africa– Marnie calls Ray racist; Ray calls Marnie dumb.  They stay at lunch together because neither of them have anyone else to eat with.

Hannah self-sabotages her corporate gig, thinking that her fellow colleagues are not “serious writers” because they’ve sold their souls to corporate advertising.  The Adam approach  (screw these auditions, I can sell these dream catchers on Etsy) doesn’t seem to bother her, and she tells her boss she doesn’t want to be in her role in 10 years.  Her boss is nonplussed, so Hannah quickly reconsiders.  Maybe the free snacks seduced her after all.  She decides to be a corporate slave during the day and a “serious writer” on nights and weekends.  She comes home, determined to write for three hours, to a very excited Adam.  He got a call back from his latest audition.  Selfish Hannah doesn’t have time to listen, she has to write!  Right?  Wrong.  She falls asleep on the couch.

Guys, how much can Adam put up with?

And what do we think of Ray and Marnie?

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