Things You Need to Know About Last Night’s Lost Girl

Are you watching Lost Girl yet?!  Last night’s episode, “Turn to Stone” was pretty phenomenal.  Here’s what happened:

Kenzi Comes Clean

Picture 8Kenzi tells Bo all of the secrets she’s been keeping in– the kiss with Dyson and the magic from Massimo.  Her debt with the Druid gets them into a little bit of trouble in this episode.  We learn that Kenzi reciprocates Hale’s feelings (!!!) but neither of them have told each other yet.   Also, Bo & Kenzi dance to the Spice Girls.  Damn Kenzi can get down!

Bo Makes A Terrible Fashion Choice

Picture 18 21-06-07This gothic corset looks like it’s better suited to Kenzi’s closet than Bo’s, but that’s not the problem.  There are two things fundamentally wrong with this top: the low peplum action that is not doing anything for her waist, and the gossamer ribbon straps that just sit there and do nothing to hold it up… because it’s a fucking corset.  She also gets bit by a gargoyle.  Like a living stone.

Baby Tamsin Grows Up

Picture 10Teen Scene Tamsin loves the X-Files, and I love her for that.  She grows one last time in this episode into a Tamsin that looks more familiar to us, but her memories are not restored.  When she goes Valkyrie, she sprouts these amazing angel wings apparently indicating that this is her last incarnation.

Doctor Lauren Is A Complete Badass

Picture 16Lauren and her ladyfriend are locked up and the doctor is forced to solve a medical mystery of an elder fae.  She calls out her captors in an epic speech delivered to their camera into her cell.  “Child’s play,” she says, and tells Hale to reveal himself, presumably believing he’s still the Ash.  She finds out quickly that her captor is not Hale.

Bo’s Blood Picks A Side

Picture 24Spoiler Alert: Although Bo’s declared no allegiance yet, her blood reads otherwise.  “You are dark,” are the last words we hear.

Are you surprised about the side Bo’s blood revealed?

I’m just excited to see Bo’s reaction!

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