Day: January 30, 2014

Wishlist: Gadgets & Gizmos

I absolutely love to shop.  With both Christmas and my birthday behind me, I’ve got a couple extra bucks just burning a hole in my pocket… or iphone, which thanks to mobile banking is where I imagine my money lives. With their big price tags, tech gadgets are the perfect splurge items.  Here’s my list of tech goodies that I absolutely don’t need, but I’m thinking about impulsively purchasing.

WiiU [Retail: $299.00]

IMG_4777This is probably the least practical purchase I could make, but arguably the most likely.  I’m a Nintendo girl, raised with a Super NES in my bedroom.  Aside from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which came out before I was born, I’ve owned every system Nintendo has put out.  WiiU, although a commercial failure, might just be par for the course with me.  Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is absolutely calling my name.  The straw that will certainly break the camel’s back is the Legend of Zelda franchise:  if a new Zelda title comes out exclusively for WiiU, the system is mine.

Jawbone UP [Retail: $129.00]

IMG_4778I’m desperately trying to be a more active, healthier person.  I just love to eat so much.  I also hate to run so much, but I made a big effort in 2013 to change that and hope to continue that this year.  I’ve been eyeing the Jawbone UP for years, inspired by my favorite Youtuber iJustine, who reviewed one in 2011.  Jawbone UP appeals to me as the sleekest of all wearable fitness bands.  The newer, UP24 offers wireless syncing through bluetooth for $20 more, but I’d be afraid that would drain my battery.  I could totally rock a Jawbone UP, and getting to pick a color is always a bonus!

iPad Wireless Keyboard [Retail: $129.00]

IMG_4780I love my iPad, and often bring it with me in lieu of a laptop for weekend trips and overnight stays.  While I typically use it to stream Netflix or Hulu, I’d love to be able to do some writing on it as well.  I purchased the Pages app as soon as I got my iPad so I could write on the go, but the touchscreen keyboard is just not conducive to long form writing.  The wireless keyboard would effectively turn my iPad into the word processor I crave.  A kid in my grad school class a couple years ago had one of these and seeing the way he used his iPad to take notes was enough to convince me that this is a necessity!

Olloclip [Retail: $69.00]

IMG_4784Another iJ-inspired addition to my wishlist, the Olloclip attaches to your iPhone and turns your camera into either a macro, fisheye, or wide angle.  I absolutely love photography, and tend to use my iPhone more than my camera simply out of convenience.  The Olloclip is much less expensive than purchasing a fish eye lens for my camera.  This gadget sure could help me step up my instagram game!  I’ve been looking at the original 3-in-1 design.  There’s a newer 4-in-1 option as well that offers an additional macro lens… for apparently the same price?  That warrants further investigation.


new iPod [Retail: $149.00 – $249.00]

IMG_4779This one is tricky territory.  A new iPod has been in my thoughts for a while, but I’m just not which model makes sense.  I have a functional, 80 GB iPod Classic.  I mean, won’t play video for some reason, but I don’t really need it to.  It’s kind of scratched and the click wheel is a little cracked, but whatever.  I’ve been eyeing the new iPod nano for a while– I’ve never had a colorful iPod before!  It’s cute, super portable, and has a touchscreen for simpler scrolling.  The downside is at 16 GB, I’d have to be very selective with what I put on there.  My other option is a new iPod Classic– a newer, thinner version of what I have now.  I mean, it is basically the same thing I have now, click wheel and everything, but at 160 GB, I never have to worry about filling that baby up!

So, lots of options!  With rent due soon, there’s no guarantee I’ll indulge my whims and pick up anything on this list, but a girl can dream.  You tell me: is there anything on this list I absolutely have to have?  Is there anything missing from this list that I should be lusting after?  I’ll keep you posted on any big gadget purchases!