Girls Recap: Dead Inside

IMG_0177This was a very interesting episode, and very aptly named.  Though Hannah-centric, it focuses on very negative aspects of Hannah’s character.  The good: Jessa plays an interesting part, finally!  The bad: Shoshanna only has like, one line.  Anyway, here’s what went down:

We open with Hannah running late to a meeting with her editor, David.  While she waits in reception, a panic spreads through the office around her.  High-heeled women do little runs down the halls, covering their faces and whispering.  The receptionist answers the ringing phones, “That’s all I know; we don’t know anything yet.”  Hannah’s editor is dead.  Back in her apartment, after Jessa treats us to her non-linear description of time, Hannah explains the turmoil to Adam, “everyone comes in thinking it’s a normal day–” (Jessa: “what is a normal day, though really?”  She’s shining, finally!) and then completely makes it about her– “and no one even began to tell me what was next for my e-book!”  Adam completely calls her out on it.

Marnie works out, listens to some psychological self-help recordings, and makes a very minimal smoothie.

Hannah defends Gawker as a news source after she reads that David was found floating face down in the Hudson.  Shosh commends her own bandana collection, while she and Jessa talk about death.  Adam is worried about Hannah’s reaction to death.  With good reason.  Hannah tells Ray she feels nothing about David’s death.  He too feels Hannah’s reaction is a problem.  She takes advantage of his offer to leave work anyway.  Throughout the episode, we see Hannah use the death of her “friend” to get sympathy from everyone around her.  It’s the first thing she mentions, followed directly by how she doesn’t care.

Jessa makes an attempt to visit the resting place of her friend Season, who passed away.  (She calls is a tomb, then a sarcophagus.  Welcome back, Jessa.)  She finds out that Season is not dead, but had told this to Jessa, an enabler, to break away from her own drug habit.  Confronting Season does not go well for Jessa; she storms out spouting bitter words.


Marnie, upset as Ray spreads her Youtube music video, gets fired from Grumpy’s; “Fancy people want me!”

Caroline takes Hannah and Laird to like, run and play in a graveyard.  She makes up a heart-breaking story about a dead cousin called Margaret, then makes fun of Hannah for not reacting.  Laird cries, even though he knows the story is fake.

We end with Hannah and Adam, sitting on a stoop.  Hannah makes a fake emotional plea about David; “it always takes me a long time to process my emotions.”  She then uses the same Margaret story Caroline just made up to try and convince Adam that she feels, and I expect, to elicit more sympathy.  Now that, Hannah, is a major problem.

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