A Diamond is Forever

A little something different today– I definitely wanted to use this blog to talk about more than just TV, and the opportunity arose nicely this week.  I’m a Boston resident, and this city offers many opportunities to support the arts.  On Tuesday, a few friends and I went to an event celebrating the 5th anniversary of Love Letters, a column in The Boston Globe.  This event featured author J. Courtney Sullivan and her newest novel, “The Engagements.”


My friend Chelsea is a huge “Love Letters” fan, so we went to see its author, Meredith Goldstein, who was moderating the conversation with Courtney.  I love hearing authors speak, but I didn’t know anything about Courtney’s books before this week.  To me, “The Engagements” was not a title that drew me in.  I love weddings as much as the next girl, but I don’t particularly like romantic comedies, and I didn’t picture myself reading something with that title.  When she talked about the book, however, I was instantly enthralled.

A lot of research on the diamond ring went into this novel– the advertising and marketing that made a diamond synonymous with engagements.  The novel follows the story of several different couples in different periods of time, connected by one diamond engagement ring.  I couldn’t wait to pick up a copy!  Lucky me: we were given raffle tickets upon entering, and mine was drawn to win “The Engagements!”  I snagged Courtney’s signature on the way out.

I’ve moved this novel up to the top of my reading list.  I recently started a new goodreads accounts, abandoning the one attached to my old college email address.  There’s not much on it yet but a few favorites and recent reads, but I’d love to connect there!  And of course, I’m always open to new book recommendations.  Find me, as always, nikkisee.

More arts/literature/Boston/real life posts to come!

And tomorrow, back to TV with a Top Chef recap!

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