Catch Up: Amaro’s One-Eighty

I just got around to watching last week’s SVU on Monday.  I’m usually a day late with live TV waiting for episodes to hit Hulu or Xfinity On Demand, but sometimes I fall behind.  I figured I should catch up before tonight’s new episode, and WOAH I’m glad I did.  A lot of things happened and I have a lot of feelings about them.

  • Another character-driven episode?  That’s two in a row.  I want an SVU case!  Looks like tonight’s episode “Jersey Breakdown” may deliver.
  • I couldn’t actually write a re-cap of this, because the conflict scene was so confusing!  Like, no wonder Amaro fired his weapon.  I absolutely couldn’t tell what happened.
  • Why have Amaro call Munch but not put him on screen?  Tease!  If we’re going to insert a character without inserting an actor, why could we never do this with Stabler?
  • NO CRAGEN NO why does everybody keep leaving?!
  • It’s definitely going to be an adjustment with Benson in charge of the unit.  Does this mean Amaro is getting a new partner?
  • I was hoping that Amaro’s desk duty means that this week would feature Fin and Rollins– my current favorite duo, and the only in-tact set of partners.  The preview seems to indicate that desk duty didn’t actually last that long.
  • Did I mention I need more Fin and Rollins?
Bens is like whaaaaat?  Me too, girl.

Bens is like whaaaaat? Me too, girl.

Welp, last week left me with a lot of emotions and a lot of questions.  Bring on Jersey Breakdown!

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