25th Birthday Weekend Girls Re-cap

Last week’s episode(s) of Girls really threw me for a loop when Hannah mentioned that she was 24.  If I remember correctly, the girls (with the exception of Shoshanna) were older than I am when the series began.  Well, last Friday was my 25th birthday, and I was so happy to see Hannah’s 25th birthday in Sunday’s episode, “She Said OK.”  Like me, it seems Hannah is the first to turn 25 of all her friends.  On to the recap!

Picture 1

We open with Hannah giving Adam a haircut.  I will admit that Hannah’s hair does look a lot better this season.  Adam gets a frantic phone call, which turns out to be his sister, Caroline.  Adam and Caroline have an antagonistic relationship, but he invites her over anyway.  She has no where to go, turned away by her apparently abusive significant other.  Hannah is sympathetic and invites her to stay, but Adam refuses.  Hannah invites Caroline to her birthday party that her parents and Marnie are throwing.

Cut to an absolutely horrifying music video of Marnie.  Let’s please keep Allison Williams singing embarrassingly, just always.  We see Marnie watching this video online while pleading with someone on the phone to get it taken down.  She refuses to ask Charlie for the password to do so herself, because he ruined her life.

Marnie looks absolutely beautiful at Hannah’s birthday party.  This is the first time we see all of the girls together, but we don’t really see them all interact.  Most of the drama at the party comes from Ray, who gets bit by Caroline, struggles to speak with Shoshanna for the first time post-breakup, and gets in a physical fight with Hannah’s editor.  As if in answer to my prayers, Marnie mounts the stage and forces Hannah into a duet of “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent.  The song gets broken up by the aforementioned fight, leaving Marnie on stage by herself singing.

Picture 2

Adams gives Hannah a necklace with his tooth on it as a birthday gift.  She loves it.  I’m honestly not sure if this is creepy-cute or creepy-disgusting, but Hannah loves it.  The couple get home and are getting into it, when Hannah goes to use the bathroom.  She opens the door to full-frontal Caroline, who breaks a glass with her bear hand upset that Adam doesn’t care about her current state.  Hannah comforts her and it looks like she’ll be staying after all…

So, maybe Hannah and I have close birthdays.  Oh hey, guess who else had a birthday this weekend?  My hero, Buffy Summers!  Super psyched to share my star sign with her.  Buffy’s birthday is January 19th.  Mine is the 17th.  I share my birthday with Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Betty White, and Zooey Deschanel– more on that tomorrow!

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