My new TV Fix: Lost Girl

Habitual TV-bingers like me hate to be stuck in a rut. When you finish a series, there’s a void in your day-to-day routine that the show used to fill– it occupied your free time and now you sit poised in front of the red glow of Netflix wondering what comes next.

This happens to me often, and sometimes my queued shows just aren’t jumping out at me. Sometimes, I try one and it’s just not clicking. I’m looking for my next TV fix– and last night I think I found it.

Dorothy Snarker must really get me, because I added another show off of her best in 2013 list to my queue earlier this week: Lost Girl. Given that Lost Girl is a Canadian series, I hadn’t heard much about this show and this Netflix description was really not selling me– something about feeding off the sexual energy of humans. Um, yeah no. It’s not as stupid as it sounds, though, and I’m really glad I gave it a shot.

Bo, our titular lost girl, is a woman on the run with a body count. Because I had no idea what to expect from this show, I was as surprised to learn Bo’s true nature as she was. Basically, Bo’s fae (and not in the silly way that Sookie is in True Blood), specifically a succubus, who feeds off the energy of others. It’s reminiscent of Holly Black’s modern faery tales to me, with mentions of folkloric elements. Once Bo’s nature is uncovered, she is tested and when she passes, must chose between the two clans: light and dark. If you know anything about fairy folklore, you might know these as courts, specifically Seelie and Unseelie. I was disappointed that light and dark were used instead of these terms, as I believe they convey a bit more ambiguity. Sure, you can probably guess which corresponds to which, but like “fiction” and “nonfiction” used to confuse me as a child, (don’t worry, I grew up to be a literature major,) these terms may catch a newbie off guard. There is no emphasis on the dark court being specifically evil, but with a name like that one can only assume. Bo chooses neither and remains unaffiliated, causing a bit of tension with both sides.

The show plays out in my very favorite of formats: Monster of the Week (like my favorite show ever to exist, Buffy). Further comparisons with the Whedonverse can be drawn when Kenzi (Bo’s human best friend, and the Robin to her Batman) starts up a detective agency of sorts for the two girls to generate some income. Like Angel Investigations of the early seasons of Angel, the two girls solve mysteries with a supernatural twist.

I’m absolutely loving this show so far. I made it through 8 episodes last night and can’t wait to get back to it tonight. Netflix features 3 seasons (48 episodes) of the show. At 44 minutes a pop, total binge time equals just over 35 hours.

Do you know any other Monster of the Week type shows? (Think: Buffy, Angel, The X-Files.) I’d love to hear about them! Tweet your suggestions to me @nikkisee!

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